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How can I make myself more employable without having to go to uni?

How can I make myself more employable without having to go to uni?

 I can help with this! What’s THE most frustrating thing you can hear when you’re really trying to move into a new sector in which you have zero experience and no formal qualifications???

“We’re just looking for someone with a bit more experience.”


But don’t worry! You don’t necessarily need a degree to change career paths these days. 

In fact, a recent survey showed 58% of U.K. employers hire based on potential rather than experience or qualifications.

So how can you stand out without having the quals or experience?

Well, how about taking matters into your own capable hands and completing a quick and affordable online course?

Search Udemy.com for their fantastic online courses

💻 Admin – the most important skill you’ll need to land an admin job is good working knowledge of all Microsoft packages, starting with Excel!

🚑 Care Work – most care work doesn’t require experience, but you can take an online course in Safeguarding to show the employer just how committed you are to becoming a care assistant.

💸 Payroll – over 1 million U.K. companies use Sage payroll software, so you’ll never be short on companies looking for this skill. Taking an online course on Sage will be a great way to get your foot in the payroll door.

📷 Marketing – digital marketing is an essential part of any modern day business. Why not take a course in digital marketing or something more specific like Adobe Photoshop, Google AdWords or SEO?

Remember you all, although you might not have any experience, taking an online course will give you the basic skills AND show you have the drive & passion to succeed💥



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