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Sonic Career Series: Level Up!                        Chapter 2: SMART goals

Sonic Career Series: Level Up! Chapter 2: SMART goals

Hey guys🙋‍♀️ Welcome to chapter 2 of the Level Up career series: SMART goals.

So, in the last chapter you established your long-term career aims. Today is all about creating a plan to ensure you achieve those aims (using SMART goals).

SMART goals are:

👉Specific – What is your long-term career aim? Don’t just name a field like Marketing… specify exactly what type of Marketing positions you want to apply for.

👉Measurable – Numbers are key here. How many interviews do you want to attend each month? How many job applications per day will you commit to? 

👉Achievable – If you’re lacking experience, you may have to factor in some time to complete a course or a certification. Equally, it may be more achievable to aim for less experienced positions if you’re entering into a new field.

👉Relevant – Is your overall goal relevant to where you want to go in the long-term? Remember, this is all about ensuring you’re still working towards your long-term career aims ready for when the job market picks up.

👉Time-specific – When do you want to achieve this long-term career aim? Be sure to factor in any courses you’ll need to complete too!

Once you’ve finished your SMART goal, you might end up with something like this:

‘By December 2021, I will have a new job as a Marketing Assistant for the tech industry. In order to achieve that, I will complete a course in Adobe Photoshop and digital marketing by February 2021. I will also attend 2 interviews per month and apply for 10 jobs everyday.’

What are your long-term career aims? Share them in the comments below👇

Love Julie 💜



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