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Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: Getting your CV out there

Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: Getting your CV out there

Welcome to the final chapter of CV Creation: Getting your CV out there!

First of all, let’s take a second to acknowledge that the job market is not what it used to be. It is fiercer than ever before. 👀

But instead of being discouraged by this, realise you can overcome the hurdle by applying more effort and a different approach to your job hunt.

So here are some daily actions you should be taking to speed up your job search:

✅ Check SonicJobs and job boards for new vacancies

✅ Turn on SonicJobs and job board notifications

✅ Proactively check company websites for vacancies

✅ Call companies to ask about positions

✅ Register with several recruitment companies

✅ Apply for jobs daily

✅ Email your CV to companies that aren’t advertising

✅ Drop your CV off into local companies 

✅ Reach out to employers on LinkedIn

Now if you’re serious about finding a job, you need to write a structured daily plan and stick to it. How many of these activities will you commit to on a daily/weekly basis?

❓How many calls

❓How many applications

❓How many CV drop offs

❓How many LinkedIn messages

Job Search Tips

👉 Create a list of 30 local companies that you can contact over 2-3 weeks

👉 Always try to address the manager whether you’re doing a CV drop off, calling the company, or writing a cover letter

We know it’s tough out there right now for all you job seekers. But the sooner you realise that job hunting has changed, the better!

If you up your game and adopt the steps laid out in this course, it won’t be long before you start seeing progress.

Good luck!



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