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Teaching Assistant

Eden Autism
Posted 4 days ago


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Full Time

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Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, Eden is a community-services provider and not-for-profit organization, serving children and adults with autism for over 40 years. Founded in 1975, Eden began as a small, family-oriented school for individuals with autism and today offers classes from pre-K through age 21. In addition, Eden provides services for adults with autism including residential and employment programs, as well as providing clinical and training support for families and professionals. Introduction We have an exciting career opportunity for a Teaching Assistant (12 months position)who will provide teaching and behavior reduction programs for students with autism in an educational and community setting in order to meet individual therapeutic needs. The highly talented individual must demonstrate a passionate commitment to Edens mission and the desire to deliver in a high-value and mission-driven organization. Primary Responsibilities The following responsibilities are to be performed under the direct supervision of a Certified Teacher. Teaching and Behavior Management * Assist Lead Teacher in providing individual attention to student(s) during individual and group sessions. * Identify appropriate and inappropriate student behaviors and acquire baseline data. * Implement Individual Education Program (IEP) goals (teaching and reducing behavior) using behavioral model appropriately and consistently. * Management of maladaptive behaviors appropriately, including tantrums, self-injury, and aggression. * Prepare daily tasks and materials, including baseline of program. * Record and measure effectiveness of programs and mastery level by collecting teaching and behavior management data, and maintaining graphs for all teaching and behavior programs. * Assist Lead Teacher with functional analysis of behavior. * Develop and implement age appropriate reinforcement menu and system. * Build positive relationships with students; recognize and respect the rights of students. * Participate in Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings as needed. Report Writing and Program Development * Develop progress reports with detailed analysis of progress and problem areas on students program four times per year and submit to Lead Teacher. * Maintain updated IEPs according to outlined schedule provided by the Managing Director. * Prepare summaries to provide in-depth analysis of progress and problem areas. Keep an updated student work profile for each student in the program Communication with Staff and Parents * Build collaborative relationships with all staff members; provide timely feedback as needed. * Maintain professional demeanor and ensure confidentiality with regard to students, families, and staff. * Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings. * Review each group activity on an annual basis and provide feedback to staff on at least two activities. * Attend and participate in weekly meetings with supervisor. * Maintain positive and professional rapport with families through daily notes or phone calls. * Prescribe programs appropriate to the home setting (with the assistance of the home consultant or supervisor). * Evaluate progress or programs at home on a monthly basis. * Assist in parent training practicum during the parents school visits, when appropriate. * Write reports indicating programs and progress within one working day of each home visit.

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By applying, a Career Builder account will be created for you. Career Builder's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.

By applying, a Career Builder account will be created for you. Career Builder's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will apply.

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