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🌟 How do I write a cover letter that stands out?

Learn how to write a cover letter!

🌟  How do I write a cover letter that stands out?

With today’s job market being so competitive, you really can’t afford to apply for a job without attaching a cover letter. 

49% of hiring managers have rated cover letters as the second most important aspect of an application!

So, are you ready to nail this skill and elevate your applications? Let’s get started…

👉 General Dos and Don’ts

✅ Address it to the hiring manager (find out their name)

✅ Get a friend to proof-read it

✅ Use keywords from the job ad

❌ Don’t include pictures / word art

❌ Avoid clichés like ‘I think outside the box’

❌ No fancy fonts – pick Arial or Times New Roman

👉 Paragraph 1

State the position you’re applying for and where you saw it advertised:

I’m writing to apply for the full-time position of Administrative Assistant in your Belvoir Street office, as advertised on the SonicJobs App.

👉 Paragraph 2

Give an overview of your background, qualifications and key skills:

As detailed in my CV, I have 3 years experience working in office-based roles that involved significant administrative tasks including virtual and paper filing, data entry and consistent use of all Microsoft packages.

👉 Paragraph 3

Get specific about a relevant and measurable achievement that improved an organisation you recently worked for:

In my most recent role as an Admin Officer, I took pride in having modernised the company’s paper filing system by creating a virtual filing system that stores confidential customer data in compliance with GDPR. Not only did this improve the efficiency of the central administration team, but the virtual filing system also gave the organisation a more reliable way of protecting its customers.

👉 Final paragraph 4

Express final interest in the role:

I am confident that I can support AdminCORP in its mission to become the UK’s leading office stationery supplier, and would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate this in an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


As always guys, please get in touch by commenting below this post  and ask me anything you need help with!

Good luck to you all! I’m rooting for you👍🏽

Love Julie 💞



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2 years ago

Hello please I need a job, i have experience in teaching and caring for my elderly ones and children. Am currently studying doing my masters in UEA. I want to work in care homes.

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