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🚫 5 reasons why your CV is getting rejected

🚫 5 reasons why your CV is getting rejected

Hey, it’s Julie👋 Are you wondering why your CV keeps getting rejected? I’m about to tell you why – but first, you need to promise you’ll actually action my tips, and not just read them!


Alright, let’s get to work.


Correct spelling and grammar is the most basic expectation for your CV. Typos scream carelessness.

✒Carefully read through your CV, checking for mistakes

✒Get a friend to proofread your CV

✒Use a spell checker like Grammarly 

👎Too generic

Include keywords and tailor your CV to the types of jobs you’re applying to. It might sound like a faff, but if you’re serious about getting a job then you need to create multiple versions of your CV to make it relevant.

👎Chunky paragraphs

Hiring managers don’t want to read long paragraphs in your CV. They want to see short and neat bullet points that summarise your previous jobs and make it super easy to read. 

👎Too long

Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages. Cut your job descriptions down to only the most essential points. You don’t need to include your references either!

👎No summary / personal statement

You need to captivate the hiring manager with a standout personal statement. It should explain your relevant qualities and experience in a nutshell, and why they want to continue reading your CV.

If you can correct all of these points in your CV, I guarantee you’ll start to see more success!

Now get cracking!

Ps. Don’t forget to head to the ‘My Profile’ section where I’ll create a free CV for you in minutes!


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Very useful, thank you.

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I want to upload my CV on this app but not working I don’t now what happen am on mobile app

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Thanks for the tips thats great

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Thank you for your help.