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😍 5 unmissable ways to transform your lockdown (on a budget)

😍 5 unmissable ways to transform your lockdown (on a budget)

Hey there, it’s Julie 👋 Feeling anxious or down about the latest lockdown? I don’t blame you! In the first lockdown, it was reported that as many as 69% of adults in the UK felt worried or anxious about the pandemic.

To help you through this time, here are 5 ways to transform your time at home with self-care:


Neat spaces are proven to help you to feel lighter, more relaxed and more inspired. So now’s the time to clear out your wardrobe, declutter your shelves, and transform your living space into a zen sanctuary.

2️⃣Get creative

“But I’m not creative” – I hear you say?! That’s not true … you just haven’t found a way to unleash your creativity yet. Creativity comes in many forms such as writing, podcasting, drawing, vlogging, crafting, or even cooking!

3️⃣Take a media break

It’s super important not to get overwhelmed by all the noise on the news and on social media as feeling negative can cause a weakened immune system. Try switching off from the news and socials for a few days and feel the difference!

4️⃣Go on a health kick

Wouldn’t it be great if, by the end of lockdown, you’ve completely transformed your health through diet and exercise? Not only is this great for boosting your immune system, but exercise and a healthy diet also release feel-good hormones.

5️⃣Learn a new skill

Whether it’s to boost your career or just for your personal interest, there are thousands of free online courses just waiting for you to sign up.

In what ways are you practising self-care during lockdown? Let me know below 👇

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