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🎓 6 powerful ways to improve your English for work

🎓 6 powerful ways to improve your English for work

Hey, it’s Julie 👋 Speaking English is, of course, an important part of working in the UK. But what do you do when English isn’t your first language? How do you get better?

The trick is to fully immerse yourself in the language as. much. as. possible. Here are my tips:

  1. Learn new vocab daily

Get into the habit of learning 5-10 new words/phrases per day. Start with words or phrases that you’ll need to use regularly at work.

  1. Take English courses

Learning with a structured course and a teacher is an excellent way to improve your language skills. You can find free and cheap courses online on sites like

  1. Use a language learning app

Apps are a great way to learn languages on the go. You can use them whilst on your lunch break or during your commute to work. Check out ‘Duolingo’ and ‘Babbel’

  1. Read and write in English daily

It’s super important that you practise reading and writing in English so you can open yourself up to even more job opportunities. Try finding an interesting article online to read, and writing a few sentences to summarise it in your own words!

  1. Find a language partner

Having a language partner allows you to learn new vocabulary and put your speaking skills to the test. is a fantastic site to find a language partner.

It’s totally possible for you to drastically improve your English. You just have to be committed to immersing yourself in it for the next 6 months. Trust me, if you do this you’ll be shocked at how you improve!

Live, breathe, sleep & eat English – you can do it! 💪

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mari mari3 months ago

I lose very nice job because my English, and the Esson clase is full, please if any one now about teaching incluso let me know

jeeva jeeva3 months ago

Hi, I want to improve my English speaking skills .

criss criss3 months ago

hello beautiful people .... I do not speak English very well, but I need a job that is not in hospitality ...

bulut bulut3 months ago

Hi ! I want to improve my English speaking . I want fluently speak English. I’m looking for partner for speaking.

Ankin Ankin3 months ago

I want a Language partner to whom I should communicate in English more often. Anybody up for this?