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⏰ 9 morning mood lifters to do before work

⏰ 9 morning mood lifters to do before work

Hey, it’s Julie 👋 Newsflash: self-care is just as important as your career!

I get it, mornings can be rough. But whether you’re working from home, from an office, or are unemployed, you’ll be able to benefit from these morning mood lifters.

1️⃣Listen to uplifting music 🎶

Music has been proven to improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. When you wake up, pop on some calm and uplifting music.

2️⃣Listen to a podcast 🎙

Whilst you get ready for the day ahead, use a podcast to motivate yourself.

3️⃣Do a 10 minute workout 🏋️‍♀️

Doing just 10 minutes of exercise in the morning is the perfect way to get the serotonin flowing around your body.

4️⃣Put on some essential oils 😌

Whatever your mood, there’s an oil for it. Essential oils have a subtle way of uplifting your mood.

5️⃣Tend to your houseplants 🌵

Taking time in the morning to rotate and water your plants is a great way to ground your energy for the day ahead.

6️⃣Journal 📓

Putting your thoughts down on paper helps to stop them from aimlessly circling round your head all day.

7️⃣Do something selfless 💜

Selfless acts – gotta love ‘em! It could be making a cup of tea for someone or texting a friend to brighten up their morning.

8️⃣Enjoy a hot drink ☕️

Instead of rolling out of bed and rushing around, honour yourself by taking 10 minutes to sit with a hot drink in the morning.

9️⃣Don’t check your phone ❌

I dare you to wait 30 minutes before checking your phone. Your eyes and mind will thank you for it!

So then, which of these morning mood lifters will you be trying? 👇

Speak soon,



Zam Zam2 years ago

Great tips! will try them thanks ;)

justine justine2 years ago

Brilliant, I will try them out.

Goda Goda2 years ago

Good advice I will try.. Thank you so much

kenny kenny2 years ago

Really good advice there Julie

RozsaSS RozsaSS2 years ago

Good one :)


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