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💙 Boost your confidence after job hunt rejection

💙 Boost your confidence after job hunt rejection

Hey there! It’s Julie 👩 Doesn’t it hurt when you get rejected from a job? It can feel a little soul-destroying, right? Especially when you reaaally got your hopes up.

In this post, we’ll work through this rejection so you can spring back to being the best version of you 🤩

👉Let yourself wallow

Allow yourself to feel upset and frustrated. It’s all part of the process. But don’t allow this feeling to overcome you. It’s important to remember everyone faces rejection at some point – even the world’s most successful people have been rejected MANY times.

👉Distract yourself

It’s easy to feel like you constantly need to search for a job when you don’t have one. But this will only run you into the ground. Make sure you give yourself a break by doing something therapeutic like exercising, DIY or gardening.

👉Show yourself some love

Don’t get hung up on your flaws. Remember you’ve actually got a lot to offer and to be proud of. If you’re feeling low from a rejection, try making a list of all your achievements and positive attributes.

👉What would your idol do?

Who do you really admire? Think about what they’d do in your situation and take inspiration from that. Chances are, your idol has dusted themselves off and looked to the future many times.

👉Grow from the experience

Every challenge provides an opportunity to grow and better yourself. Ask yourself what you learnt from the experience, and how you can do better in future. And finally, thank the experience for the lessons it brought you!

Good luck – you’ve got this 🔥

Julie 💜
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elle elle4 months ago

Me and my boyfriend applied for the same job same place and he had his interview a few minutes before mine and he got the job and I didn’t. I’ve been looking for a job ever since and still not found one. All jobs I’ve applied for not even a email/ text or call from the recruiter.