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🤔 Can I still be made redundant while furlough is available?

🤔 Can I still be made redundant while furlough is available?

Hey, Julie here 😊 How’re you doing? Great question. People think that just because furlough is available, they won’t be made redundant. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. You can still be made redundant even though furlough is available. Let’s take a closer look at the rules…

Furlough vs redundancy

🔹Furlough is available until the end of September

🔹Employers don’t have to put you on furlough

🔹Employers have the right to make you redundant instead of furloughing you

🔹Employers can make you redundant even whilst you’re on furlough

Warning signs of redundancy

🔸Significant changes to the business strategy i.e. removing an entire department


🔸A large decrease in workload

🔸Your boss begins to micromanage you

🔸Extreme cost-cutting

🔸Others have been made redundant

How to prevent redundancy

🔹Offer your skills in different areas of the business

🔹Be a reliable employee

🔹Go above and beyond in your work

🔹Proactively contribute new ideas

What to do if you’ve been made redundant

🔸Consider applying for Universal Credit

🔸Update your CV

🔸Start applying for jobs daily

🔸Create a budget

If you’re facing redundancy, remember we’re here to support you. We add new vacancies everyday, so make sure you’re checking in daily and applying for new roles! 📲

Take care for now,

Julie 💜
P.s.Do you know someone who’s been made redundant? Share the SonicJobs app with them to help them in their search 💌


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Any job please an am 17

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Any vacancy out there

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