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😩 Fed up! I feel so drained from applying for jobs and not hearing anything back. Any advice?

😩 Fed up! I feel so drained from applying for jobs and not hearing anything back. Any advice?

Hey there, it’s Julie 👋 I get it – you’re applying for lots of jobs and feel like you’re getting nowhere, right?

Unfortunately, the UK no longer has the same number of vacancies it used to have. And because of COVID, there are now so many more people applying for the vacancies that do exist.

Despite this, it’s important to remember: people are getting hired from the SonicJobs app everyday.

Since June, the number of UK vacancies has been increasing every month (434,000 live vacancies most recently) which means the job market is beginning to recover as companies start to hire again.

But I hear ya – you’re feeling exhausted by the process because:

🤯You’re having to apply for more jobs than ever before

🤯The interview processes are long

🤯You’re not hearing back from companies 

To help you cope, here are a few tips:

👉Apply daily: You’re likely to experience rejection throughout the process, so be sure to apply on the SonicJobs app daily to keep creating opportunities for yourself. Where one job falls, another job rises!

👉Don’t let it consume you: Put aside a set time each day when you’ll check for new vacancies and apply. It’s important you switch off from job applications after this time so that you don’t exhaust yourself.

👉Take control: It can be frustrating when you don’t hear back from an application. Take control by contacting the employer directly to follow up via phone or email.

🌟DON’T MISS A TRICK! Turn on the SonicJobs notifications to get your daily job recommendation💫

Keep up the work guys, it’ll be worth it in the end!💪

Speak soon,

Julie 💜


julied julied7 months ago

I always get loads of rejections emails now and I am sick of tired of it. It makes me look like a fool.

Anonymous Anonymous9 months ago

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Szabi Szabi10 months ago


sunshine sunshine11 months ago

It’s been very draining applying and received an email only to disappoint you that you’ve been unsuccessful .... but keeping faith that very soon I’ll receive good news

nehaSrivastava nehaSrivastava11 months ago

I am actively looking for Admin based rules. Due to covid it's very hard to get jobs.i can join immediately if I get the opportunity in Admin department.