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🚀 Hospitality: Tips to progress into management (fast!)

🚀 Hospitality: Tips to progress into management (fast!)

Hey there🙋‍♀️ What’s the great thing about working in hospitality? Well, apart from the tipping culture, you can also progress into management positions very quickly if you display the right work ethic.

So let’s take a look at all the ways to make yourself stand out as a hospitality worker.

⭐Create a memorable experience

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants. So it’s important you create a memorable experience so they keep returning because they love the level of service. 

⭐Be proactive

As a waiter / waitress, there are countless things to be doing at any given moment. Whether it’s taking a drinks order, seating new guests, or polishing the cutlery, make sure you never find yourself standing idle. Always look for ways to keep yourself busy.

⭐Help your colleagues

Great hospitality is about teamwork. Make sure you seek opportunities to help your team. It may be as simple as clearing a table whilst they take an order, but this sort of helpful attitude will take you far because you’re putting the restaurant’s needs first.


Hospitality is technically a sales game. The higher the bill, the better the restaurant does. Show an interest in seeing your restaurant succeed by going out of your way to cross-sell products like side dishes, wine or desserts.

⭐Suggest improvements

Don’t simply wait for your manager to tell you how to do something better. You’re on the frontline and can spot inefficiencies easily. So when you spot that something isn’t working, quietly suggest an improvement to your manager. They’ll soon see you take your job seriously and can be relied on!

With restaurants in the UK reopening, there are now thousands of new job opportunities available. Head over to the ‘Jobs’ tab to have a browse📲

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