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🏡 I house-share with 4 other people. What advice do you have in regards to corona?

🏡 I house-share with 4 other people. What advice do you have in regards to corona?

I get it’s tricky living in shared accommodation right now, and with 4.5 million shared households in England, you definitely won’t be the only one with this concern!

You probably already have different schedules and habits to juggle as it is, let alone the added complication of corona, right?

Let’s go through a few simple ways you can make sure you and your housemates are aligned and taking the proper precautions:

🏡 Create a kitchen / bathroom rota – for your common areas, establish a rota for when each of you can use these spaces in a way that suits your schedules.

🏡 Use your own hand towels – keep your hand towel in your bedroom and take it with you each time you use the bathroom.

🏡 Have a bottle of hand-sanitiser by the front door – this’ll prevent any germs from outdoor contact spreading around the house.

🏡 Have a cleaning rota – who’s washing the tea towels? Who’s mopping the kitchen? Who’s cleaning the bathroom? Who’s wiping down the door handles? Create a chores list and rotate each week!

🏡 Create a house kitty – this’ll come in handy when buying cleaning products for the house.

🏡 Print any rotas and rules – pin these up on bathroom doors and in the kitchen to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

🏡 Create a house WhatsApp group – use this to share the expectations, updates, changes to rotas, and also government guidance.

And last but not least…
🏡 Support one another – simply asking ‘how are you?’ can make a huge difference to your housemates’ lockdown experience.


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