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🖥 Is a career in admin right for you?

🖥 Is a career in admin right for you?

Hey! It’s just me again, Julie👋 Have you thought about starting a career in administration? Admin isn’t right for everyone, but for those of you who love to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, a career in admin could be perfect!

What does admin work involve? 🖥

Different jobs will vary in the nature of the work. But generally speaking, you’ll deal with paperwork, organising, processing, filing and project work. Expect to use computers and programs such as Excel and Outlook. You may also have some secretarial duties like answering phones and greeting visitors too!

Admin career paths and average salaries💰

👉Administrative assistant – £19,500

👉Payroll administrator – £25,000

👉Office Manager – £26,750

👉Personal assistant – £28,000

👉Project Manager – £54,657

What skills will you need?💫

✔Microsoft packages 


✔Strong communicator

✔Computer literate

✔Excellent level of English

To get started in administration, make sure your CV incorporates the above skills. A career in admin can be an exciting route and, as you can see, there are many different directions you could progress your career!

Ready to jump into admin?

Browse our administrator vacancies on our app today! 📲

Good luck!

Julie 💜


Leannedee78 Leannedee782 months ago

Defo, I love working in an office environment and get job satisfaction knowing I have contributed to a good days work assisting other members of the team

GeorgeK GeorgeK2 months ago


mez mez2 months ago


Nimesh Nimesh2 months ago

Yes. Need admin job

Amelia Amelia3 months ago

I have experience as an admin assistant in a residential home already I enjoyed my job so much! I am very hard working and love to be kept busy, I’m looking to work in a care home by me and am free to take up any hours I may be offered