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🌿 I’ve really enjoyed practising self-care during lockdown and I don’t want to lose this when I return to work.

🌿 I’ve really enjoyed practising self-care during lockdown and I don’t want to lose this when I return to work.

This is a topic that lots of people are concerned about since returning to work.

Many of you have had time to focus on yourselves during lockdown…which is great!

But the last thing you want to do is lose your new sense of wellbeing because you’re going back to work, right?

Well, self-care will look different in a workplace environment. It requires a little more effort because there are way more distractions, but it is possible.

Here are my top tips to help you maintain your sense of wellbeing when at work:

🍲 Meal Planning: it’s no secret that the food you eat has a strong influence on your mood and energy levels. Save time and avoid junk food by batch cooking your lunch on a Sunday and planning your evening meals for the week.

🌞 Miracle Morning: don’t let work consume your life. Take 30 minutes each morning to do some things for yourself like exercise, reading, meditating.

🎧 Enjoy Your Commute: on average, Brits spend 65 minutes a day commuting. Why not feed your brain by listening to an audio book or podcast?

🖥 Revamp Your Workspace: clear desk = clear mind. Switch your clutter for a plant and family photos.

🌳 Get Out Of The Office: it was shown in a survey that a whopping 66% of respondents eat their lunch at their desk! Commit to taking a stroll outside on your lunch.

⏰ 40 Minute Rule: it’s been shown that stretching for just 30 seconds every 40 minutes will improve your spinal health. Set a timer and get your spine moving!

📝  Set Personal Goals: task yourself with something non work-related each week like finishing a book or attending 3 yoga classes.

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Linda Linda1 year ago

Remember its summertime in London why dont you try to go to the island and enjoy the sunny for the weekend. What do you think maybe it will help you.

paulio paulio3 months ago

True x