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😰 Powerful techniques for calming interview nerves

😰 Powerful techniques for calming interview nerves

Hey – it’s Julie 👋 Are interviews your worst nightmare? Do you feel like your nerves are holding you back?

Well, you’re not alone. Interviews can be an extremely daunting experience.

BUT, there are ways you can calm yourself and come across more confident!

🌟Deep breathing – deep and controlled breathing calms your nervous system. Practise deep breathing before leaving the house, before entering the building, and when you’re in the waiting room.

🌟Smile when speaking – it’s easy for your nerves to kick in and all of a sudden you end up looking like a rabbit in headlights 🐇 But you want to radiate positivity. Smiling when you’re talking is a great way to do that… even if it feels unnatural, you’ll be coming across as confident.

🌟Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – try to schedule several interviews for the same week. This will take the pressure off and help you get into that interviewing flow!

🌟Write down your questions – there’s nothing worse than getting stage-fright and drawing a blank. Before your interview, write your questions down so you can refer to them.

🌟Keep your hands on the table – fidgeting with your hands is a sure sign of nervousness. Keep them on the table to show you have composure.

🌟It’s okay to pass – ever gotten stuck on an interview question? If this happens, it’s okay to ask the interviewer to come back to it later.

What other interview tips do you have? Let me know below 👇

I’ll be waiting for your reply!

Julie 💜


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Simba Simba2 years ago

I'm a mental health support worker, working with adults. But that is not what I really want. I'm 55 now and my dream job is to work with young adults and children with Autism. In or near Darlington. I do have experience with Autism, professional as well as in personal life. Who can help me ?

sophie sophie2 years ago

Hi am looking for part time work in Gloucester gl1 I haven't had a job for 10 years as I am a mum of 2 they are in full time school now so looking for something easy as I have anxiety I find been around people make me nervous


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