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😕 Should you take a job you don’t really want?

😕 Should you take a job you don’t really want?

Aloha friend 👋 how’s life treating you? I know it’s taking you a while to find that dream job, and you’re probably asking yourself: “should I take a job that isn’t my dream job?”.

The answer to this question is going to depend on your circumstances.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

👉How are my finances looking?

Do you have savings to cushion you whilst you’re unemployed or are your funds running low? You don’t want to leave yourself financially vulnerable. So if your funds are looking light, taking a ‘mediocre’ job is a good solution until you find the right role.

👉Can a ‘mediocre’ job help me to progress into something better?

Even if it’s not your dream job, remember to use foresight to assess how a mediocre job can help you land a better role in the future. Think about the skills you’ll use and learn, and whether this will be useful to your long-term career aims.

👉Will this mediocre job give me mental space?

If you’re going to take a job that isn’t your dream job, it’s important that it doesn’t drain all your energy since you’ll still be working towards your long-term goals. If you can find a role that isn’t stressful and doesn’t exhaust you, it could actually be a great support to you whilst you take your time looking for the right role.

💫What’s the answer?💫

Accepting a job that isn’t perfect doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s a temporary solution that can support and enable you to eventually move onto something better. 

Think of your job hunt like baking a cake; any average jobs that you take are just ingredients that help bring the cake together 🎂

Good luck!

Julie 💜

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Gav Gav2 months ago

Most definitely not

muna muna3 months ago


Andyz Andyz4 months ago

It's a start

Andyz Andyz4 months ago

It's a start

Judith Judith4 months ago