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💜 What does a typical day working as a care assistant look like?

💜 What does a typical day working as a care assistant look like?

Whilst all care workers will tell you that no two days are the same, there are still certain duties that you can expect to carry out on a daily basis!

Morning routine 🌞

As a care assistant, you’ll be starting your day early since some of your clients won’t be able to get out of bed without your help.

In the mornings, you’ll typically be helping clients get washed, bathed and dressed, and also preparing breakfast, and prompting any morning medication.

Afternoon routine 🍛

Afternoons consist of helping your clients with their lunch, personal care, and running any errands such as collecting medication or grocery shopping.

Afternoons are great to assist with some light housework such as laundry, dishes or hoovering. You’ll also have clients that need help exercising in the afternoons.

Evening routine🌛

As the evening approaches, you’ll need to ensure your clients eat well, and take any necessary medication.

You’ll also be helping with personal care as you help your clients get washed and into bed!


What does personal care consist of?

Depending on the level of care that’s required, you may need to assist with toileting, emptying commodes, and also bathing clients.

What’s the hardest part of being a care worker?

Some clients may be more challenging than others. Some may require more physical assistance, and others may have brain disorders such as alzheimers which can result in behavioural issues. 
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I have been a care for more than 11 years I worked in care homes,out in the community and now currently working in a hospital, caring for someone is what I think is a special thing u help them with there personal care nutritional needs and most of all you provide companion ship to that person and bring life back to them even if it’s for a short while, yes you will have your bad days where the client will fight back and call you names but you let that go over you head as they are lost with the disease they are living with and you need to be able to bring them back with someone as simple as there favourite blanket or something along this lines I love my job it’s hard it’s tiring mentally and physically but I wouldn’t change it for the world ❤️

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