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👔 What should you wear for an interview?

👔 What should you wear for an interview?

Hey there, Julie here👋 Got an upcoming interview but wondering what to wear? Well, first impressions do count so you’ll want to make sure you’re looking your best.

Rule of thumb

If you’re not sure what the dress code is, always opt for corporate and professional. It’s much better to be overdressed than under-dressed!


Generally, a blue or grey tailored suit is a safe option for men. But if you feel like standing out, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a pop of colour!

👉Don’t drown yourself in aftershave. There’s nothing wrong with a light spritz, but wearing too much can be really off putting, especially if the interviewer doesn’t like the scent!

👉Make sure your shoes are immaculate with a good polish and remove any scuffs.

👉Opt for a long-sleeved shirt.

👉Use a neat and combed hairstyle.

👉Avoid jeans. They may be okay if you’re told the dress code is casual. But to be on the safe side, choose tailored trousers.

👉Trim your nails.

👉Carry a portfolio or briefcase


Women tend to have a wider variety of interview attire. You could opt for a trouser suit, skirt and shirt, or even a smart dress.

👉Make sure your skirt and dress aren’t any shorter than just above the knee.

👉Avoid any low-cut tops.

👉Don’t wear too much perfume.

👉Keep your makeup light and natural.

👉Avoid chipped or brightly coloured nail polish. 

👉No peep-toe shoes.

👉Avoid big, statement earrings and lots of bracelets.

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Take care for now dears!

Julie 💜


serssico serssico2 months ago

You are completely right ☝️🙂

Nbuni Nbuni3 months ago

Thanks Julie, good tips for some of us who are yet to go interviews, appreciation is the word.

Margherita Margherita4 months ago

For a man, wear smart clothes and for women wear a white shirt, black or grey trousers/mid length skirt. Nothing too flashy o revealing, keeping simple and as natural as possible so you don't give wrong impressions to the employer.

Keeley Keeley4 months ago

Thanks that helped a lot Julie