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Become a BLUE or WHITE collar worker!

Become a BLUE or WHITE collar worker!

Ola! It’s Julie 👩 Ever wondered what the difference is between blue and white collar work? Today, I’ll explain the differences and why these are excellent fields to work in right now! 

First off, what is blue and white collar work?

Blue collar means workers who are involved in some sort of manual labour at work. This could be construction, manufacturing, warehouse and driving among others!

White collar work is more office-based, and can include administration or computer-based work. It’s less physically demanding than blue collar.

3 benefits of blue and white collar work

⭐Salary increase

White collar workers across the UK have experienced an increase in salary. In fact, customer service has the highest salary increase so far in 2021! This is closely followed by social care and hospitality.

⭐Large demand for workers

Recent research has shown that blue collar work had the highest increase in demand for short-term workers in the UK. Many businesses are looking for blue collar workers right now, which means you have plenty of options to choose from.

⭐Minimal experience required

One of the greatest things about blue and white collar work is that there are lots of opportunities for people with no experience (especially in blue collar!). This means you can get started quickly, so long as you show the right work ethic.

Blue collar jobs to search for

👉Driver / multi-drop delivery driver

👉Pick and packer / warehouse operative / production operative

👉Carer / care worker / care assistant

👉General labourer

White collar jobs to search for


👉Administrative assistant

👉Customer service

👉Sales assistant

Fancy working in blue/white collar? We have hundreds of opportunities available. Head over to the search function to get applying today 📲

Bye for now,

Julie 💜


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Blue however I actually don’t know how to drive I will be talking lessons on how to

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Definitely blue

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Bit of a joke, I live in the south east and giving me jobs in Manchester

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I'd say blue and white. ☺