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Best work environments for women

Although gender equality is improving, the UK still has a way to go. Read on to find out which are the best industries for women to work in.

Best work environments for women

Although gender equality in the workplace has been improving in recent years, there’s no doubt there’s still work to do! Statistically, women are still paid less than men with a 15.5% gender pay gap. And although more women are making it into senior positions, board level roles are still highly dominated by males, and several male-dominated industries are crying out for more women.

Read on to find out which industries are female-dominated, and which industries need more women.

  • Top 5 industries that hire the most women in the UK
  • 3 industries seeking more female workers
  • What should women consider before accepting a job?

Top 5 industries that hire the most women in the UK

Human health and social work activities

78% of workers in this field are female. Popular health jobs among women are care workers, nurses and social workers. This line of work can be incredibly rewarding since you’re on the frontline impacting people’s lives.


Teachers and teaching assistants in the UK are heavily dominated by females with 72% of education workers being women. This is a challenging line of work but one that will be very fulfilling for those who have a calling to work with children.

Real estate

55% of the real estate workforce is made up of women. This is a fast-paced career path with great earning potential. Outgoing women who enjoy sales and are self-starters will do well in real estate!

Accommodation & food services

54% of professionals in this field are female. This includes working in hotels, restaurants and bars. Women who enjoy customer service and fast-paced environments will thrive in hospitality and don’t need a qualification to get started!

Public admin and defence, social security

These industries include a wide spectrum of jobs from legislation to taxation to immigration and beyond. This workforce is dominated by women by 53%. It offers a lot of different career opportunities and will be suited to women who have great attention to detail and enjoy following processes!

3 industries seeking more female workers

It’s worth considering careers in industries that are male-dominated since companies in these industries are crying out for more women. 

1. Engineering

Engineering is one of the most male-dominated industries in the UK. In recent years, the industry has made an effort to attract and elevate more females. Currently, only 21.8% of people working in the industry are women, with just 14.5% of actual engineers being female. There are many different routes to enter into the engineering world from Bachelor degrees to apprenticeships and trainee positions.

2. IT and communication

The IT industry is currently made up of 71% males. As a result, there’s a huge call for women working in positions, such as IT Technicians, software development and programming. Much like engineering, there are different ways to start a career in IT. It’s common for IT professionals to have a degree in IT or computer science, but other routes are possible!

3. Transport and storage

The world of transport and storage is extremely male-oriented. Data shows 81% of professionals in this industry are male. Industry jobs would include driving, transport planning and warehousing.

What should women consider before accepting a job?

To find a career that supports gender equality, there are certain things women should consider before accepting a job opportunity.

  • The number of females in senior positions in the company
  • The number of female internal promotions
  • The male/female ratio in the company
  • Maternity leave terms and conditions
  • The work-life balance
  • How the company promotes gender equality
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Childcare programs / vouchers

Power to the females

Although there’s still gender inequality in the workplace, companies are working hard to bridge this gap. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, be sure to check our app for new opportunities regularly – we add new vacancies across the UK daily! 

If you’re still not sure which route to take, check out our blogs on the highest paying careers and the fastest growing industries.

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