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Can you have two jobs at the same time?

Is it possible to work two jobs at the same time? What benefits could this have for you?

Can you have two jobs at the same time?

Are you thinking about taking on a second job? It is possible to work two jobs at the same time, but it’s not necessarily easy and isn’t suited to every personality. However, for some people, working two jobs is a great way to earn extra money or just expand their skill set. There are a few different ways to go about taking up a second employment. Let’s take a look at your options.

Different ways to work multiple jobs

Extra experience

If your main focus is to upskill yourself whilst working a full-time job 5 days a week, you may want to take up a Saturday job to gain more experience. For example, if you’re currently working full-time in a restaurant but wanting to become an Accountant, you might find a part-time entry-level position at an Accountancy firm that will add value to your CV.

Two part-time jobs

Your working week could simply be made up of two part-time roles. The main thing is to ensure you find part-time work where the working hours/days are set in stone so that there can never be any crossover between the two jobs.

Evening work

Evening work or night shifts are another way of taking up more work. Just beware that doing this could seriously tire you out. So be sure to carefully select your shifts to avoid burnout. Perhaps you work a regular day job during the week, and on a Friday and Saturday you have the opportunity to work a night shift in a bar.

Remote working

Finding remote work is a handy technique for working two jobs into your schedule. Working from home means you don’t have a commute and can easily switch between roles in a single day without necessarily having to take on a night shift. 

Disadvantages of working two jobs at the same time

1. Burnout

Burnout is a serious consideration when taking on two jobs. Whilst it’s nice to earn extra money, you want to make sure your mental health and stress levels aren’t going to suffer.

2. Time management

Successfully managing two jobs takes some good organisational and time management skills. Between coordinating shifts and turning up to work on time, it can be difficult to handle when you have a lot on your plate.

3. Performance

In any job, you want to give 110%. But when you’re working two jobs simultaneously, it can be challenging keeping up the same energy levels for both jobs, especially if you’re feeling burned out.

4. Time off

Getting time off can be a pain when you’ve got two jobs on your plate, particularly if you work two jobs in the same day. To book time off, you need to make sure both employers sign off on your request, which is sometimes easier said than done!

5. Gaining permission

Not all employers allow you to work a second job. If you’re working a full-time job, you’ll need to check your contract for any information on this. In some cases, you’ll even need to obtain written permission from your employer to take up another role.

Benefits of working two jobs

1. Extra cash

One of the main attractions for most people working two jobs is the extra income. If you’re only in part-time employment or are a student balancing your studies and a job, more cash in your pocket could be exactly what the doctor ordered!

2. Level up

If you’re clever about the second job you take on, you could find a job opportunity that will really boost your CV and demonstrate additional skills to your first job.

3. Variety

Working two jobs can bring a nice amount of variety into your life. Instead of staring at the same walls everyday, completing the same tasks, you get to change up your environment and experience something different. This can have a positive impact on your mood and productivity!

4. Job security

In an age where companies have struggled through the pandemic, having two employers may not be such a bad thing. If one employer is struggling, at least you have another to fall back on and won’t be left unemployed.

5. Demonstrate time management and a strong work ethic

In addition to the skills you gain from working a second job, you’ll demonstrate excellent time management skills and a strong work ethic for being able to juggle two jobs. It’s an achievement in itself, and one that not everyone could do!

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