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Can you stay in the same job for 10 years?

Is it possible to stay in a job for too long? Or are there times when it’s best to stay in the same job for as long as possible?

Can you stay in the same job for 10 years?

In today’s job-hopping culture, it’s not uncommon for people to change jobs every 2-4 years. This has become so common that it almost leaves you doubting yourself if you’re not job-hopping. 
“Is there something wrong with me?”.
But job-hopping isn’t the right solution for everyone.
In some cases, it’s better to stay in a job for 10+ years instead of switching employers every few years. Especially if your employer can provide you with continued growth, development and progression. This can be just as beneficial as changing jobs to climb the ladder.

Is it good to stay in the same job for a long time?

The most important thing to ensure when you’re staying in the same job for a long time is that you’re able to progress. When it comes to finding a new job, employers will want to see that you’ve been able to develop your skills over the years. They want to know you haven’t stayed in the same position with the same responsibilities. In their eyes, this could show a lack of motivation and skill.

When should you stay in a job for a long time?

Staying in a job for a long time isn’t always the best decision. Sometimes you should cut cords quickly. But here are some signs that you might be onto a good thing!

You’re on a competitive salary and package

Whilst salary isn’t the be all and end all, it is an important factor. One of the benefits of job-hopping is that it’s usually the quickest way to gain a pay rise. So it’s important to ask yourself if your employer is paying you enough. And if not, are you able to negotiate a higher salary? If your employer is able to compete with other companies then you’re onto a good thing!

Your employer values your input

Whatever company you’re working for, you want your voice to be heard. If you’re working for a company for a long time, you need that company to value your opinion. This gives you the opportunity to make a real impact on the organisation. This will be a huge talking point when it comes to changing jobs. You can show prospective employers all the ways you’ve changed the company.

You have opportunities for progression

When staying with a company for a long time, it’s important to ensure you’re progressing through the ranks. If there are opportunities for you to receive a promotion, this is a promising sign. But if there’s no sign of progression, it may be time to jump ship. Prospective employers will question why you’ve not progressed if you’ve been at a company for so long. And this could end up backfiring on you later down the line.

You’re excited about the company mission

Without a doubt, you have to be excited about the company mission. There’s no point in staying with one company if you’re not passionate about the vision. If you’re lacking passion, you risk spending several years feeling unfulfilled. 

You’re exposed to different aspects of the business

One of the benefits of staying with one company for a long time is the ability to learn the business inside out. But this only works if the business is willing to expose you to different areas of the business. Generally speaking, this is easier in smaller companies that have more flexibility. Larger companies tend to be divided into small sections, making it harder to learn the ins and outs.

Should you stay or should you go?

Staying in the same job for 10 years isn’t always a bad thing. Often, it can be a fantastic asset. Employers will be able to see you’re a stable and loyal employee. And they know you won’t be handing your notice in as soon as a higher salary comes your way from a competitor. But at the same time, always make sure you’re progressing. This is a must. Prioritise your own career progression and development.

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