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Can you work in a restaurant under 18?

Do you want to start working alongside your studies? Learn more about the different types of work available to under 18s.

Can you work in a restaurant under 18?

So you’re in your teens and you’ve decided you want to enter the working world but aren’t sure what jobs you can get. Firstly, go you! Deciding to start working at a young age is a great thing! Not only will it look great on your CV later down the line, but it will also develop valuable life skills. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have that extra cash in your back pocket!

Legally, you’re allowed to work in a restaurant under the age of 18 on a part-time basis. There’s no law prohibiting teenagers from serving alcoholic drinks in a restaurant. You just need to make sure those drinks are served with a meal. This is great news, particularly if you’re wanting to pursue a career in hospitality.

So if you’re hoping to land your first job in a restaurant, let’s go over some of the do’s and don’ts!

What hours can you work under 18?

  • Age 14-16 – between the ages of 14 and 16, you’re still classed as a child. You can work in a restaurant but you will experience restrictions around the hours you can work. This is often affected by whether or not it’s term time.
  • Age 16-17 – between these ages you’re now classed as a young worker. That means you have to stay in some form of education alongside your part-time work.

Key CV skills for restaurant work

As you think about getting your CV into shape, you need to think about the main skills employers look for when hiring.

  • Teamwork – working in a restaurant is a team effort. Chefs, kitchen porters, bartenders and waitresses all have a role to play. You job is to create an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Communication – since you’ll be dealing with the public, you need to show employers you can communicate with people from all different walks of life.
  • Customer service – customer service is a top priority for restaurants. So this is an absolute must for your CV.
  • Working under pressure – restaurants can be busy places, especially during lunch and dinner. So employers need to see that you’re able to remain calm when things get hectic!

CV tips for under 18s with no experience

Creating your CV to find a part-time job can be tricky when you don’t have any work experience. Use these tips to help you create your CV.

Use a template

There are plenty of online CV builders and templates you can use to create your first one. In fact, the SonicJobs app will create a professional CV for you in minutes. You’ll just need to answer a few questions – but we’ll do the hard work!

Include keywords

Keywords are key in getting your CV noticed. This means looking at the job description and finding the most important skills the employer is looking for. Then, include these keywords in your CV to get the hiring manager’s attention.

Include school work / projects

Chances are, you don’t have much (or any) work experience. But you have plenty of school experience which is great to talk about. Think of times when you’ve worked well as part of a team, or when you’ve excelled in a project or met a deadline. These are all transferable skills.

Include your hobbies

Hiring managers will want to know more about you and your personality. So include a small section dedicated to your hobbies so you can really paint a picture of yourself. Whether you enjoy sport or music, list a few hobbies to bring your CV to life.

Land your first job

If you’re itching to take your first step into the working world, we’d love to support you. Applying for jobs has never been easier than with the SonicJobs app. And we have thousands of part-time jobs and weekend restaurant jobs available. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get to work!

Browse our app today to find a part-time job near you!

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