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Can you work in a warehouse during the day?

What sort of shifts would you be expected to work in a warehouse, and how can you find a warehouse job fast?

Can you work in a warehouse during the day?

Thinking of finding a job at a warehouse but not quite sure what the deal is? No worries! We’ve put together this blog to help you understand the world of warehousing, so you can decide whether you want to jump right in or side-step the opportunity.

When you hear the term ‘warehouse work’, most people think of night shifts. But actually, warehouses usually operate 24/7 and can therefore offer shifts during the day (as well as at night) to suit your needs. So if you were worrying about how you’d survive a night shift, don’t! You can take on days instead.

What are the shifts?

Shifts usually last for 8 hours, but overtime hours are usually available since warehouses tend to be very busy.

Your shift time will vary, and your pay may vary depending on the shift you’re working (night workers tend to be on a higher wage). Generally speaking, warehouses will arrange your shifts depending on your needs. So this is a great place to work if you need a bit of flexibility. 

Inbound Vs outbound

Warehouse work can be divided into two areas: inbound and outbound. You’ll be assigned to one of these areas during your shift. As the name suggests, inbound work deals with anything coming INTO the warehouse. Outbound works at the opposite end of the assembly line, preparing loads to leave the warehouse.

Different warehouse job roles

You’ll find that most warehouse jobs don’t require any experience. Here are the most common roles you’ll find on your job search, and their average wage.

  • Stocker
  • Picker and packer
  • Loader
  • Forklift operator
  • Machine operator
  • Warehouse manager

Stocker – £17,542 average salary

Stockers are responsible for receiving deliveries, scanning and organising them, and stacking them in the right places. 

Picker and packer – £9.95 average wage per hour

Pickers and packers are the workers who prepare orders before they leave the warehouse. This may involve working on an assembly line, or it may mean physically locating different products around the warehouse before packaging them for shipment.

Loader – £10.07 average wage per hour

Loaders have the job of loading outbound deliveries into vans and trucks. It’s key for loaders to have excellent organisation skills as they’ll be the last ones to check orders before they go out to customers.

Forklift operator – £11.43 average wage per hour

Forklift operators can work in different areas of the warehouse, from unloading deliveries to moving stock around the warehouse to helping to load heavy orders into the delivery vehicles. You don’t need a driving licence to be able to drive a forklift, but most jobs do ask you to have a valid forklift licence, like the ITSSAR or RTITB.

Machine operator – £10.33 average wage per hour

Machine operators handle the setup and operation of any machinery in the warehouse. They’ll have to carry out daily checks to make sure things are running smoothly, as well as doing some basic maintenance. 

Warehouse manager – £27,750 average salary

Warehouse managers have a busy role as they oversee the overall warehouse operation and staff. Not only will they be coordinating shifts and managing any staff issues, but they have daily targets to hit. As a result, warehouse managers will always be looking for ways to streamline and improve processes to achieve a higher output.

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