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Diversity and inclusion: how to talk about it in an interview

What is diversity and inclusion and how can you talk about it during your interview?

Diversity and inclusion: how to talk about it in an interview

Anyone living in the 21st century has heard the term ‘diversity and inclusion’. But not everyone understands what it means. But employers really value candidates who understand diversity and inclusion. So if you’re looking for a new job, it’s time to learn a little bit about it. This will help you stand out as a candidate.

What does diversity and inclusion mean?

Diversity and inclusion is a principle that focuses on equality in the workplace. It aims to stop exclusion and favouritism based on factors like religion, race, gender, disability and sexuality. The idea is to give equal opportunities to underrepresented people or minority groups.

3 ways to talk about diversity and inclusion in an interview

You might not be asked about diversity and inclusion directly in an interview. But it’s still a good idea to include it in your interview answers.

Here are a few ways you can mention diversity and inclusion in your interview answers.


When asked about teamwork, talk about wanting to create an inclusive team. Some people don’t integrate well into teams. They get drowned out and fade into the background. Talk about how you try to include people who are marginalised.

Example question

“Give me an example of how you work as part of a team.”

Sample answer

“One of the things I pride myself on is being able to create a unified team. Often, there will be team members that fall to the wayside or get pushed aside. But I make a point of creating an inclusive team and elevating the voices of people who struggle to be heard. This is really important especially when the team has people from marginalised communities.”


Conflict will always arise in the workplace. That’s why employers like to ask about this. Conflict can be linked to diversity and inclusion. It’s about being sensitive to other people’s differences. Employees need to understand that people come from different backgrounds. As an employee, it’s important to be respectful of other people’s way of being. 

Example question

“How would you deal with conflict at work?”

Sample answer

“Whenever there’s conflict, there’s always a difference of opinion. As a team member, you have to be sensitive and respectful of other people’s viewpoints. Conflict can arise because of cultural, political and social differences. But I think the main thing is to deal with conflict straight away, and let people know that their voice is heard. ”


If you’re asked about leadership, be sure to talk about diversity and inclusion. Leaders always keep an eye on the group as a whole, and make sure everyone has a voice. As a leader, you also speak up for what’s right, especially if you see signs of discrimination.

Example question

“Tell us about a time where you demonstrated leadership at work.”

Sample answer

“Leadership comes in many different forms. It can be leading a team. Inspiring others. Or simply sticking up for what’s right. There was a time when I overheard two team members making racial slurs. I immediately told them there was no place for that kind of language or attitude in our workplace. Both team members appeared embarrassed and apologised straight away. I believe they changed their behaviour from that point forward.”

Diversity and inclusion for the win

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic of conversation for any employer. You may be asked direct questions about diversity and inclusion. But if you’re not, try to incorporate this topic into your interview answers. It will show maturity and win you bonus points in the interview process!

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