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Do I need a LinkedIn profile for jobs?

Having a LinkedIn profile can dramatically increase your career prospects. Use our LinkedIn tips to help you climb the ladder.

Do I need a LinkedIn profile for jobs?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms with approximately 645 million users worldwide. If you haven’t already created yourself a profile, you may be wondering if LinkedIn will be beneficial to your career. 

Is it good to have a LinkedIn profile?

In short, yes. Everyone should create a LinkedIn profile, whether you’re unemployed or in a job. It only takes a few minutes to set up a free profile, and this will reflect well on you if a prospective employer tries to look you up.

How is LinkedIn different from Instagram and Facebook?

LinkedIn was designed to be a professional platform for career and business-minded people whereas Instagram and Facebook are more centred around your personal life. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook and Instagram in that you can upload photos, use hashtags and add a status. However, the content generated on LinkedIn is much more professionally-focused, and your profile is all about your skills and past work experience.

Benefits of being on LinkedIn

Job applications

Many employers advertise jobs on LinkedIn and it can be a great place to apply to lots of jobs quickly. Once you create a profile, you’ll be able to run a job search, gaining access to thousands of jobs near you and can apply directly on the site.

It’s free

One of the best perks to LinkedIn is that it’s free to use, so why wouldn’t you create a profile?!


LinkedIn allows you to easily connect with different professionals and employers across the UK and beyond. 


LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to ask other people for recommendations, such as a past employer or manager. This will be sure to impress anyone checking out your profile!

Supports your job applications

If you’re applying to jobs, many companies will check out your LinkedIn profile to see if the information marries up to what you’ve written in your CV. 

6 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

1. State whether you’re open to work

LinkedIn gives you the option of stating whether you’re open to work on your profile. This makes it easier for prospective employers/recruiters to find and approach you. But be cautious with this. If you’re still in another job, it’s best not to activate this on your profile so your colleagues/bosses don’t find out what you’re up to.

2. Include all work experience from your CV

When filling in your past work experience on your LinkedIn profile, make sure you include everything that’s on your CV. If employers notice any discrepancies between your CV and profile, this will ring alarm bells.

3. Write a summary that includes key words

You have the opportunity to write a summary on your LinkedIn profile. This should use keywords that will help you get noticed by your dream employers. Be sure to include any information about your past experience, skills and achievements.

4. Include keywords in your job title/headline

Be sure to write an eye-catching headline for your profile that includes keywords, like your job title. This will help you to stand out and using keywords ensures you’ll show up when employers run searches for your skills on LinkedIn.

5. Choose a professional photo

Always opt for a professional photo on LinkedIn – this is not the place for beach selfies from your last holiday in Ibiza. Use a photo with a neutral backdrop, framing you from the shoulders up.

6. Be active

The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more you’ll gain from the platform. Being active means posting on a regular basis and engaging with other people’s content. You’ll also want to be proactively making new connections with people in your industry to build your network.

Elevate your job search

If you’re ready to take your job search to the next level, it’s time to start using as many platforms as possible, including LinkedIn. And if you haven’t already, start using the SonicJobs app to expand your search. Our app contains all the jobs found on Totaljobs, Reed, CV Library and more!

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