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Five answers that can get you rejected from a job at the interview stage

Five answers that can get you rejected from a job at the interview stage

You obviously don’t want to be in a position where you spoil your chance of being hired because of your answers. This is important in video interviews as well as face-to-face interviews. We are here to make sure your answers don’t make a wrong turn during the interview!

Here is a list of things you should avoid saying during a job interview –

⛔ Bad mouthing your former employer or boss

You want to be perceived as someone who is easy going and definitely not as someone who had several altercations with their boss or co-workers at their previous workplace. Your chances of getting hired are a lot more if you come across as a person who is easy to work with.

So definitely don’t mention stories when you got super pissed with your manager and threw a chicken wing on his head while working at a KFC! 

⛔ “I’ll do anything”

Even if you are desperate for a job, never show it to the recruiter. Give them good reasons to hire you instead of giving them the impression that you will do any job available. Focus on the required skills and the experience you have. 

⛔  “I am a fast learner”

If the recruiter asks you “ how can you provide value in our company?” don’t just say “ I am a fast learner”; elaborate on the point and give them examples of situations where you have demonstrated it. This could be from personal or professional experience. 

⛔ “My lack of experience may be a problem but…”

You may be fresh out of school or changing career directions, but avoid starting an answer with “my lack of experience may be a problem but..” as this highlights your weakness rather than your strengths and signals to the employer that you are not really sure whether you will be able to execute the job or not. 

We suggest you read about the industry beforehand and look at examples of possible interview questions. Display confidence and portray a ‘can do’ attitude throughout the interview. 

⛔ “I have no questions”

If you have no questions, it creates a negative impression and might give recruiters the idea that you haven’t prepared well and conducted detailed research on the company. If you have done your research, it is highly likely that you will have some questions.


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