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How do you find a job in hospitality?

Working in hospitality is a fast-paced, vibrant and varied profession. Find out what jobs are available and how to get started!

How do you find a job in hospitality?

Working in hospitality is fast-paced and varied. It’s all about people and creating unforgettable experiences. Each day is different, and you can expect to gain a wide variety of CV skills that can lead to a number of management positions across hotels, restaurants and venues.

Let’s take a look at what the hospitality industry has to offer, and how you can find your first hospitality job.

What different hospitality jobs are there?

  • Waiter/waitress
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Concierge
  • Chef
  • Hotel porter

Waiter/waitress – £21,000 average salary

Taking orders in restaurants and cafes to deliver outstanding customer service

Barista – £20,536 average salary

This is less of a people-facing role, and more centred around making non-alcoholic drinks in a restaurant or cafe

Bartender – £21,000 average salary

A wildly social and vibrant job role that will keep you busy, as you create alcoholic drinks all through the night.

Concierge – £23,000 average salary

This role is all about making people’s trips unforgettable. You’ll use your knowledge of the local area to suggest events, tours and site-seeing activities.

Chef – £27,000 average salary

What would a restaurant be without a talented chef? You’ll need to undergo various levels of training but becoming a chef can be a creative and fulfilling career.

Hotel porter – £18,579 average salary

As the face of a hotel, you’re in charge of welcoming guests, taking reservations and answering any queries from visitors.

How to find a job in hospitality

Find a hospitality recruitment agency

There are many recruitment agencies that specialise in hospitality jobs. Run a simple google search to find hospitality recruitment agencies local to you. Working for an agency is a great way to gain hands-on industry experience when you’re first starting out, especially if you want to get started ASAP.

Check for qualifications

You don’t always need a qualification to get started in hospitality – but it can be an advantage depending on the type of position you’ve got your eyes on. For example, if you want to become a chef, gaining a chefing qualification will give you an edge. Qualifications in business and hospitality are also a great advantage. 

Update your CV

When applying for jobs in hospitality, you need to update your CV with all the most relevant hospitality skills. Skills like customer service, communication and initiative will help your CV stand out.

Drop your CV off in person

One of the best ways to make a great impression is to drop your CV off in person. This gives the hiring manager a chance to see you face-to-face. If you come across as confident and friendly, there’s a strong chance they’ll fast-track you into an interview!

Use the SonicJobs app

We know how much of a pain job searching can be. That’s why we created our app. The SonicJobs app has thousands of hospitality roles across the UK. With our app, you can:

  • Apply for hospitality jobs from your phone
  • Build a CV
  • Upload your own CV
  • Automatically apply for jobs that match your requirements using our SmartApply feature

A world of opportunity

The great thing about hospitality is that you gain so many transferable skills. Everyday is different, so if you’re keen to learn and progress, you’ll enjoy everything hospitality has to offer. 

We add new vacancies to the SonicJobs app daily – so be sure to hop on our app every morning to check for new hospitality jobs near you!



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