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How many jobs should you apply for when job searching?

Making sure you send out enough job applications per day is essential to landing a new role. Read on to find out how many jobs you should apply for daily.

How many jobs should you apply for when job searching?

So you’ve just launched your job search and aren’t sure exactly how many job applications you should send per day. It’s important to get this step right or else you run the risk of not applying for enough, ultimately prolonging the whole process. Your aim is to find a job in as little time as possible, so read on for our best tips on applying for jobs.

How many job applications should you send per day?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your profession. As a general rule of thumb, 10-15 applications per day is a safe number. However, if you aren’t experiencing much luck with your applications, you may need to increase this number. Equally, if you’re gaining a lot of traction from your applications, you may be able to refine your search by submitting fewer applications that are more targeted.


The graduate job market is incredibly competitive. If you’re looking for a graduate job, you’ll likely need to send upwards of 10 applications per day.

High-level roles

Roles that involve a high level of skill and require qualifications are harder to come by. As a result, there will probably be fewer job opportunities on the market and fewer candidates applying for them, so it’s more important to focus your efforts on the quality of each application rather than the quantity. In some professions, applying for 3-5 roles per week will be enough.


  • Lawyer
  • Software developer
  • Director
  • HR manager

Low-skill roles

Job opportunities that don’t require much experience are easier to find. At the same time, there is also usually a high number of jobseekers applying to these roles so it’s best to start your job hunt by applying for 10-15 roles per day. Depending on your success rate, you may need to increase or decrease this amount.


  • Warehouse operative
  • Customer service assistant
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Multi-drop delivery driver

How to improve your job search

In addition to applying for more roles, you’ll also want to make sure your applications are of a high quality to improve your success rate. 

  • Use keywords – make sure your CV incorporates the key skills the employer is looking for. This means your CV will be more easily found by employers through job board searches.
  • Tailor your CV – for each job you apply to, tweak your CV to echo the job description. This will help your CV to stand out.
  • Follow up – always follow up with your job applications a week after applying. This will show you’re keen and will differentiate you from other applicants.
  • Set alerts – make sure you set alerts on all the job boards and the SonicJobs app so you’re the first to be alerted when new jobs are added.
  • Use tangible examples – your CV should include examples of your achievements and duties in previous roles. Include any targets, important tasks and successes.

What’s the secret?

The job hunt process will look different for each individual and you need to be open to monitoring your success and changing your approach if required. If you’re not getting invited to many interviews, increase your job applications and look for ways to improve your CV. Equally, make sure you’ve set up job alerts to speed up the job application process.

If you haven’t already heard, SonicJobs is the number one platform for applying for jobs quickly. Use our app to get the most out of your job hunt!

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