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How to end your interview the RIGHT way

Make sure you end your interview in the right way to leave a lasting impression!

How to end your interview the RIGHT way

Once the hiring manager has finished asking their interview questions, you may breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over. But not so fast. The interview doesn’t end when the questions end. The hiring managers are still assessing you all the way until you exit the building. And you want to be sure the last impression they have of you is the best. So stay on guard. And use our top tips for closing your interview the right way.

What NOT to do at the end of an interview

  • Don’t take yourself off guard
  • Don’t ask the interviewer how you did
  • Don’t undo your top button / tie
  • Don’t be too hasty to get out the door
  • Don’t linger outside having a cigarette (yes, people actually do this!)

How to close your job interview properly

Ask insightful questions

The end of the interview is designed for you to ask your own questions to the hiring manager. Don’t make the mistake of thinking asking questions is weak. The interviewers want you to ask questions. In fact, it would be rude not to! But just make sure your questions are carefully thought out. Don’t ask anything basic that’s already been covered in the interview. Here are a few ideas:

  • Could you tell me a little more about the training program?
  • What would you expect me to achieve in months 3 and 6?
  • What does the career progression look like in the company?
  • What do you like about the company?

Address any issues

Before leaving the interview, you want to smooth out any issues. If you haven’t understood something about the job role, get to the bottom of it! If you drew a blank on one of the questions, circle back around to it. You want to leave the interview with no unresolved questions. And vice versa: you don’t want the interviewer to have any doubts about you.

Know the next steps

Make sure you know what to expect over the coming days and weeks. Find out how many other candidates they have to interview. Ask how long it will be before you hear an answer. See if they’ll contact you by email or by phone. This way, you’ll be totally prepared for what’s ahead and you’ll know when to follow up.

Re-express your interest in the role

Your closing lines should be about your interest in the role. Let them know you really like the sound of the position and company. If the hiring managers had any doubts about your interest in the role, this will put their mind at ease. Sometimes this one point will be the difference between a rejection and a job offer.

Stand to shake hands

Always end your interview with a standing handshake. It shows confidence and professionalism. It’s THE most professional way to close your interview and leave a lasting impression.

Final impressions matter

Your final impression matters just as much as your first… if not more! Just remember that even after the questions end, the camera’s still rolling. So keep up your appearance and end your interview on a strong note. If the interviewer remembers one thing, it will be your final words. So make them count!

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