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How to improve your work-life balance

What is work-life balance and how can you achieve a healthy balance at work?

How to improve your work-life balance

Is your life all work and no play? If you’re reading this blog, chances are you answered ‘yes’. Well, you’re not alone. Research has shown 35% of employees say they can’t have a healthy work-life balance in their current role. And 52% of staff said their work eats into their personal life!

But at some point, you’ve got to draw the line. And more people are realising they should and can find happiness in their job. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a good work-life balance, and how to get it right.

Work-life balance: what does it mean?

Work-life balance is having the right blend of work life and personal life. It’s very easy for work to consume your life. When this happens, you end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unmotivated. But by aiming for a healthy balance, you’ll be able to enjoy your personal life without the interference of work. Equally, you’ll gain more enjoyment from your work because you’re not burning yourself out.

8 ways to improve your work-life balance

Finish on time

It’s important to stick to your working hours. It can be tempting to stay an extra hour. But doing this defeats the object of a healthy work-life balance. You’re already working 8 hours a day. Make sure you finish work on time to get the rest you need.

Silence work notifications

Okay, so you can finish work on time and STILL be responding to emails from home. But you need to set boundaries. Home time is personal time. Make sure you silence your emails and notifications. 

Take your breaks

Taking breaks throughout the day is key to a better work-life balance. But this means avoiding eating your lunch at your desk too. Stepping away from your office for 30 minutes can give your mind the break it needs. 

Set goals outside of your career

Has your life become all about your career? Have you completely thrown away your personal goals? Take time to focus on something else outside of work. Your career doesn’t always have to be your priority. It could be redecorating your house, learning a new skill or training for a marathon.

Become a planner

Planning is an essential part of work-life balance. If you don’t plan, you won’t know where your week’s gone. On a Sunday evening or Monday morning, use a planner to map out your week. This should include all the things you want to do outside of your job.


Meditation is a great tool for resetting the mind. We spend our waking days wrapped up in thoughts. We’re constantly going round in loops about the same issues. This leaves little room for other inspiration to come through. But by meditating, you’re clearing space in your mind to allow new ideas to present themselves.

Go on holiday

You always need something to look forward to. And going away is a powerful tool for restoring your wellbeing. We’re only human. We all need time away from work to enjoy life without the stresses of our jobs!


If work is getting on top of you, communicate! Talk to your manager. They have a duty to support you if your workload is too heavy. They may be able to arrange flexible working or remote work. Or perhaps they can just delegate some of your tasks to other team members.

Find your balance

Every job should have a healthy work-life balance. But sometimes it takes a little work to establish it. And it certainly helps if you have the support of your manager too. But if you feel like there’s no hope in your current job, it’s time to look elsewhere. 

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