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I haven’t heard back from some job applications – should I get in touch with them?

I haven’t heard back from some job applications – should I get in touch with them?

Hey, it’s Julie 🙋‍♀️ So you applied for a job, haven’t heard back, and are wondering if you should follow up?

The answer is YES! Follow up on your applications! Just because the hiring manager hasn’t contacted you, doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

👉When should you follow up?

43% of HR Managers recommend following up on a job application 1-2 weeks after applying.

👉Who should you contact?

Contact the hiring manager. Find their details on the job advert, company website, LinkedIn, or in your SonicJobs messages.

👉How should you follow up?

If it’s been 1-2 weeks with no response, you should follow up with a polite email. If you still receive no response, try a phone call.

👉What should you say?

When it comes to writing a follow up email, less is more. The hiring manager is busy enough as it is, so don’t overwhelm them with a long email.


Dear Mr Jones,

I applied for a position as a [JOB TITLE] 10 days ago, and would like to know if you have had a chance to consider my application?

Although I am currently applying for other positions, this is my ideal role and I would be grateful to have the opportunity to use my [SKILLS] to contribute towards [COMPANY AIMS].

I have re-attached my CV and cover letter for your consideration.

I look forward to your reply.

Kindest regards,


[Phone number]

Sometimes all the hiring manager needs is a little nudge before progressing your application.

🌟TOP TIP If you ever received a message from an employer on the SonicJobs app, you can follow up by replying to them directly on the app💫

Good luck with your follow ups!

Julie 💜


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