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If you feel like you’re going through hell… 🔥

If you feel like you’re going through hell… 🔥

Hey, Julie checking in 😊 We’re still in the midst of winter, and you’re probably feeling a little blue, right?

Research has shown that winter can have a negative impact on your mood. But couple that with the fact you’re looking for work, plus you’re in lockdown… times are hard! And we’re all feeling it.

So what can you do about it?

Let’s focus on the solutions!

Feeling isolated? 🥺

I feel you! Life in lockdown can be a lonely place. But remember, your friends and family are just a phone call away.

Going stir crazy?🌪

Commit to taking a walk once a day come rain or shine. Walking in nature is a proven way to release endorphins.

Demotivated after getting rejected from job applications? ❌

Don’t let your job applications consume you. Get into the routine of applying for a few jobs each morning, and spending the rest of the day on other productive tasks.

Money worries? 💰

Remember, financial support is available from the government (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus/worker-support ). But to earn some quick cash, why not have a clear out and find things to sell on Facebook marketplace?

Generally fed up? 😞

I hear ya – give yourself something to get excited about! How about learning yoga? Or doing some DIY? Or learning a new skill on YouTube like drawing?

It’s been a long winter, but spring is just around the corner 🌞 Hang in there guys! What are you doing to help yourself get through the winter? Share your tips below 👇

Sending love your way,

Julie 💜


Kenzo Kenzoa year ago

Yes I am

Kenzo Kenzoa year ago

Yes I am


Pandemic has been very tough over 20 years experience in construction and im 25 applications in and still nothing 🙃

Morishar Morishar2 years ago

Hi i this time is very stressful I have been made redundant just got hired for one month with my old asking me back then let go do to lockdown I have work in luxury stores and also have experience in translation Germany speaking but this is so hard .

alison1983 alison19832 years ago

I am struggling finacially and i would love to find a job working around my children but it's hard as I've no experience


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