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Is it okay to lie on your CV?

Want a job but don’t have the right experience? Find out if it’s okay to lie on your CV…

Is it okay to lie on your CV?

Applying for jobs can be tough. There’s a lot of competition out there. So it’s no surprise around 40% of the population has admitted to lying on their CV. Some people change their job title to something more eye-catching. Others alter their employment dates to make themselves look more stable. And many people tell porkies about their qualifications.

But what if you get found out? How much trouble can you get in for lying on your CV? What if it’s just a little white lie?

Today, we’ll explain what can happen when you lie on your CV.

Is it illegal to lie on your CV?

Lying on your CV is actually illegal. It can be classed as a criminal offence under the 2006 Fraud Act. If found out for lying, you could get rejected from a job. If you get found out while on the job, you could get sacked or face a fine. In the most extreme cases, you could even face upto 10 years imprisonment!

This is because employers are offering you a salary based on the information you’ve provided. You can write the most amazing CV in the world. But if that information is false, you’ve committed fraud. 

Can you get sacked for lying on your CV?

The short answer to this is YES. Depending on the circumstances, employers may have the right to dismiss you if they find out you’ve lied on your CV. The same thing goes for your cover letter. If you lie on your cover letter, you face the same consequences.

Some jobs, like doctors and engineers, require certain qualifications. If you’ve not got the right qualifications, you could be endangering others and putting the company at risk. So even if you’ve passed your probation period, they can still dismiss you if you’re caught lying.

How employers know you’re lying

Employers aren’t silly. They know many people try to lie on their CV. So they take measures to verify the information you’ve given them to make sure you’re not lying.

Reference checks

Carrying out references is one of the most common ways employers check out your background. They can write to a past employer to confirm your job title, duties and employment dates. They may even confirm your previous salary and your reason for leaving.

Interview grilling

Employers will use interviews as an opportunity to dig into your background. They can usually tell if someone is lying because they’ll start tripping up on the details. Maybe their dates don’t add up. Or perhaps they just fail to answer questions they should know.

Skills tests

Skills tests are another way employers put you to the test. Anyone can write themselves up a storm about how skilled they are. But they use skills tests, exams and trial shifts to test out your knowledge.

Requesting certificates

Don’t even think about lying about your qualifications. It’s very easy for employers to verify this information. They’ll simply ask to see copies of your certifications. They may also write to the institutes to confirm your qualification in case the document has been forged.

CV errors

CV errors are a big giveaway if you’re lying. Most commonly, people slip up here when the employment dates on their CV don’t add up.

Cross-referencing with LinkedIn and social media

Nowadays, companies will check your LinkedIn and social media profiles to verify you are who you say you are. So always be sure your profiles contain up-to-date (and correct) information.

Monitoring your performance on the job

Finally, the last giveaway is your performance on the job. Even if you talked a good talk, you can only fake it for so long. Eventually, the holes in your experience are going to show. At this point, it may be obvious that you lied in your CV.

The truth always comes out

Don’t risk lying on your CV. Not even a little white lie. It’s okay if you don’t have all the necessary experience. Often, employers will still hire you because they see your potential. It’s simply not worth the risk. 

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