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Is weekend work a good idea?

Is weekend work worth it? What could it add to your life? Read on to see if working weekends is right for you.

Is weekend work a good idea?

Working weekends doesn’t have to be a drag. Whether you’re taking on a side hustle with a part-time weekend job, or you’re considering full-time work that involves weekends, you don’t need to feel like you’re sacrificing your life. There IS a flip side to the coin and, for many people, working weekends is a preference, not a necessity!

Let’s take a peek at some of the main benefits of working weekends:

  • Quieter days off
  • Save money (by saying no to weekend plans)
  • Recognition
  • Become a favourite for a promotion

Benefits of working weekends

Quieter days off

When you work weekends, your days off will be during the week. This means you get to run your errands in peace. If you need to go into town, there’ll be no crowds for you to weave in and out of. If you want to go to the gym, there’ll be no queues by your favourite machine. Because of this, you may end up enjoying your days off even more!

Save money (by saying no to weekend plans)

If you’re on a mission to save some serious bucks, working weekends is a great way to force you to stay in instead of going out and splashing your hard earned cash. By the end of the month, you’ll be surprised at just how much money you’ve been able to put away simply by working through the weekend! Just be sure to keep the FOMO at bay.


People who work weekends are often seen as the heroes of the business. Generally, bosses struggle to find people to cover weekend shifts. So by stepping up to the challenge, you’ll stand out against the rest of your colleagues who sheepishly bury their heads when your boss asks for weekend volunteers. 

Become a favourite for a promotion

Working weekends is one thing that will work in your favour when going for a promotion because of your willingness to muck in and your dependability! You’ll stand out for your work ethic and for doing the thing that most members of staff want to avoid. Of course, you’ll need to do more than just working weekends to earn a pay rise or promotion – but this will certainly strengthen your case!

Popular weekend jobs

Weekend work can come in the form of any job, no matter what the industry. But here are a few of the most obvious jobs that require weekend workers:

  • Bartender – bartending will almost always require weekend work. The great thing is that you can get started as a bartender without any experience.
  • Waiter/waitress – waiting in a restaurant will always involve weekend shifts, and it shouldn’t take you too long to find a restaurant job!
  • Retail assistant – retail means tending to happy shoppers during the busy weekend. A great role for anyone who enjoys working with people!
  • Kitchen assistant – if front of house isn’t for you, perhaps working in the kitchen is! It’s a more low-key position with less people interaction.
  • Cleaner – cleaning work can involve working weekends. It’s a great job if you enjoy working solo and staying physically active.
  • Car sales – weekends tend to be the most important time for car sales. And you’ll also have the opportunity to earn extra cash through sales commissions!

Weekend work available!

There’s no doubt working weekends can be a huge plus for some people. If you feel like that’s you, it’s time to use SonicJobs to bag yourself a role. We have thousands of vacancies from fun and vibrant weekend jobs to quieter work from home weekend jobs.

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