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Is it possible to move into the teaching industry without a degree or experience?

Is it possible to move into the teaching industry without a degree or experience?

Hey, it’s Julie 😊 Thanks for getting in touch! Whilst it’s common for most teaching jobs to require a teaching degree, there are also teaching jobs that don’t require a qualification.

For example, teaching assistant roles often hire based on your suitability rather than your qualifications. 

What sort of teaching assistant jobs are there?

📌ASD Teaching assistant (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

📌SEN teaching assistant (Special Educational Needs)

📌Graduate teaching assistant (education, psychology, social care are preferred degrees) 

📌EYFS Primary teaching assistant (Early Years Foundation Stage)

📌1:1 Teaching assistant 

📌EAL Teaching assistant (English as an Additional Language)

What do teaching assistants do?

Teaching assistants support teachers and pupils throughout their school day. You might be working with pupils on a 1:1 basis, or perhaps helping with groups of pupils. Their abilities will vary, and you may be supporting children who have physical or psychological disabilities such as autism.

How much do they earn?

Teaching assistants in the UK earn an average of £19,519 per year.

What key skills do schools look for?

👉patience and empathy

👉effective communication


👉reliability and organisation


👉working with children with complex needs

👉tuition experience

Preferred qualifications: not all teaching assistant jobs require a qualification, but sometimes they look for a degree, a childcare NVQ, safeguarding training, or a PGCE.

Although some jobs may ask for a qualification, there are plenty of teaching assistant opportunities available on the SonicJobs app that don’t require any specific qualifications.

Get applying guys and good luck!! 🤞

Love Julie 💜


Hussanara Hussanara11 months ago

I have experience of 14 years in Teaching as a home room teacher in an IB school and 6 years of coaching as a Karate instructor .. now am looking for a part time work in Leeds, as I am also studying MA in Physical Education and Youth Sports.. Could someone help me in this please. Thank you.

mary mary1 year ago

I'm interested

samreen samreen1 year ago

I m interested

Abigail Abigail1 year ago

I am interested!

Gabriela Gabriela1 year ago

Is not difficult to required your degrees in England, you have to send your real papers - original's diploma to Naric and they will send you back equivalent in England... Or study to the best college from the main city close to you.