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⏲Job search tips: 15 minutes to land a new role

⏲Job search tips: 15 minutes to land a new role

Hey 👋 Hope you’re doing well? Do you know that feeling when you set aside a whole day to apply for jobs but never end up getting any interviews? Sound familiar?

Well, I thought I’d better swoop in with some tangible advice that’s going to help you land your next role.

No, really – this advice is crucial so take note!

Applying for jobs once a week is great but do you know what’s even better?…

…Applying for jobs DAILY ⏰

Yep, that’s right. People who apply for jobs daily are much more likely to find a job quicker than those who don’t.

Advantages of applying for jobs daily:

👉Be the first to apply to the latest vacancies

👉Don’t miss any vacancies that are filled and removed quickly

👉Keeps the momentum going with a constant supply of new leads

👉Easy to manage instead of leaving a stack of job applications to complete in one day

Benefits of using SonicJobs to apply for roles:

Apply with 1 tap of a button (easy peasy)

No long application forms

You’re not redirected to any external sites

Employers can message you directly on the app

New vacancies added daily

So what’s the key takeaway here? 

The takeaway is this: take daily action with your job applications.

Plan in 15 minutes a day where you sit down and apply for new roles over a cuppa ☕ Using our app makes applying for jobs so simple and painless!

So let’s get cracking!
Julie 💜


Puspak Puspak1 month ago

Need need change

Leigh Leigh3 months ago

I am looking for part time work, office or homeworking. I am currently in Met Police as a tape summariser, (audio typist) but have other skills. Reception or other typing roles and telephone operator. I am moving up to Coventry within the next 4 months.

ruiz ruiz3 months ago

Hi I'm 15 I'm looking for a part time job

Molla Molla4 months ago

looking for a part time job for a 15 year old

ggg1 ggg14 months ago

Hi I'm a 17 year old looming for a job which is retail based as i have my customer service Qualification.