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Sonic Career Series: Becoming a carer. Chapter 2: Industry pros and cons

Sonic Career Series: Becoming a carer. Chapter 2: Industry pros and cons

Hey guys – welcome to chapter 2 of the Becoming a Carer series: Industry pros and cons.

Have you been thinking about becoming a care worker but aren’t sure if it’s for you?

Let’s look at the industry pros and cons


👍Flexible hours – Have an awkward schedule? Not a problem – most care companies let you choose your hours!

👍Rewarding work – This is meaningful work – you’ll be helping vulnerable people who rely on you. Care workers often say how fulfilling their work is.

👍Varied work – Are you someone that gets bored easily? Everyday is different in care as you cater to different needs and visit different homes, so you’ll be kept on your toes!

👍No qualifications needed – want to start a career without having to study first? You can start a career in care without any experience, and receive training whilst you earn a full-time salary.


👎Difficult scenarios – As a care worker, your days aren’t always easy as you care for people with various disorders, such as dementia, which can sometimes be challenging.

👎Physically demanding – Sometimes care work involves supporting people who are less mobile, like helping them get out of bed. 

👎Stressful – Care workers carry a lot of responsibility to ensure vulnerable people are getting the care they need. This can be more stressful than a traditional 9-5.

👎Long hours – This isn’t the type of job where you ‘clock out’ as soon as your shift finishes. People are reliant on you so you need to make sure everyone’s needs are catered to before finishing.

So what do you think? Does care work appeal to you? 

Browse our care worker vacancies now to learn more 📲

See you in the next chapter: crafting a care work CV and cover letter!

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