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Sonic Career Series: Becoming a carer. Chapter 3: Care work CVs

Sonic Career Series: Becoming a carer. Chapter 3: Care work CVs

Hey guys🙋‍♀️ Welcome to chapter 3 of the Becoming a carer series: Care work CVs!

So you’ve decided you want to work in care… great!

…Now you need to tailor your CV before you get applying! 💻

🤔What do care companies look for in your CV?

🌟People that are caring, compassionate, hard-working and responsible

🧐What experience should you highlight in your CV?

👉Working with children or babysitting

👉Caring for any sick, vulnerable, or older relatives

👉Caring for younger siblings

👉Times you’ve worked with people

👉Work that kept you very busy

😕What are the best hobbies to talk about?

📌Your charities 

📌Any volunteer work

📌Your pets

📌Any fundraising

📌Team sports

😯How to explain WHY you want to work in care

Your CV’s personal statement should explain WHY you want to work in care.

Don’t talk about:

❌The money

❌The flexible hours

❌That there’s no experience required

Do talk about:

✅Your love of working with people

✅Wanting to help others

✅Your desire to have a fulfilling career

Use some of these keywords in your CV to get it noticed:

✏️ Caring • Compassionate • Kind • Fulfilling • Responsible • Friendly • People-person • Hard-working • Good communicator • Empathetic • Thoughtful • Team player • Enthusiastic

❓Struggling with your CV?

No problem! Just click APPLY on one of our jobs, and we’ll build you a professional CV in minutes, which you can then download for free 📲

I’ll see you all in the next chapter!

Good luck guys! 



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