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Sonic Career Series: Surviving COVID. Upskilling yourself

Sonic Career Series: Surviving COVID. Upskilling yourself

Welcome to the fourth and final chapter of Surviving COVID: Upskilling yourself.

Whether you’re worried about retaining your job, or you’re unemployed and looking for a job, it’s never been more important to take the time to upskill yourself and stand out to employers.

So, how do you upskill yourself?

  1. Establish your aims 📝

What are you trying to achieve? Is it a promotion? Is it to simply stand out from your colleagues? Is it to start a career in a new field? 

  1. Identify skill gaps 💭

List all the different skills (hard and soft) needed to achieve your aims. Which skills are the most important? Which skills are you lacking? If you’re not sure which skills you need, scan some job ads to see which skills the employers list.

🌟Here are some hard and soft skills to help give you inspiration:

Hard skills 👉 Microsoft / Six Sigma / Sage payroll / SEO / First aid / Photography

Soft skills 👉 Organisation / Communication / Empathy / Leadership / Persuasiveness 

  1. Find a mentor 👥

Is there someone in your workplace that you can shadow? Join an online community and befriend somebody who also wants to work on their skills so you can learn from each other. 

  1. Online courses 💻

There are thousands of courses to choose from online. Udemy and Coursera offer free courses in several subjects including AI, languages, and business. If you’re looking at coding, Codecademy is a great place to start.

The UK economy is constantly evolving, so it’s important that you evolve with it. Don’t just rely on your employer to provide training – take your development into your own hands!

Are you currently taking any courses? Comment below to share with the community 👇

I hope you enjoyed the Surviving COVID course and that it helps you to get through this difficult time.

Take care and see you in the next course!

Julie 💜


ter1 ter11 year ago

I would like to start a career in recruitment but I have no experience which is the best course ?

lisj72 lisj721 year ago


lisj72 lisj721 year ago

Unskilled I mean🙂

lisj72 lisj721 year ago

Learning curve have tons of free courses to choose from and worth a look if you are wanting a change in career path or just to unskilled

lisj72 lisj721 year ago

Learning curve is also a good place to start online courses.