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Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: Cover Letters

Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: Cover Letters

Hey guys 😃 Welcome to Chapter 5 of CV Creation: Cover Letters!

Firstly, well done on making it this far 👏 By now, your CV should be in top shape so let’s crack on with crafting an amazing cover letter!

👉 Paragraph 1: Intention of letter

Simply state that you’re writing to apply for X position as advertised on X website.

👉 Paragraph 2: Overview of experience

Summarise your relevant experience and skills. You want to incorporate keywords from the job advert. Example:

I have 4 years experience working in fast-paced, customer-facing roles within the hospitality industry that developed my customer service skills. I handled complaints, and also dealt with cash and card payments.

👉 Paragraph 3: Specific achievements

Sell yourself and explain how you were an excellent employee in previous jobs using examples that are measurable if possible!

🖋 What were your achievements?

🖋 What was the toughest part of your role?

🖋 Were you given noteworthy responsibilities? 

🖋 What ideas did you bring to the company?

👉 Paragraph 4: Close

Thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration, and express your final interest in working for that company specifically.

Cover letter FAQs

❓Should I address my redundancy? Absolutely. After paragraph 2, explain the reason for your redundancy and state that this is in no way a reflection of your work or ability, as they will see from your achievements (detailed in paragraph 3).

❓What if I don’t have any experience in the industry? Focus on your transferable skills in paragraph 2. Example: ‘Although I haven’t worked in retail before, I have 2 years experience in customer-facing roles within hospitality working under busy conditions, handling complaints, and striving to deliver an excellent customer experience.

❓How long should my letter be? No longer than one A4 page.

Get cracking with your cover letters guys! I’ll see you in Chapter 6 where I’ll give you tips on getting your CV out there!


Paula Paula1 year ago

Perfect 😉I need write better my CV 👍

jaz jaz1 year ago

Nned to make a cv

rechelleducay24 rechelleducay241 year ago

I need help on making my CV please x

Julie Julie1 year ago

Hi Claire, I hope this post was useful to start writing your cover letter but please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Good luck 💪🏻😊

Julie Julie1 year ago

Hey Luke and Antonio, you can easily update your CV on our app, download it and use it wherever you want. Just click on ‘My Sonic CV’ to get started. Let me know if I can help any further