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Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: CV Mistakes

Sonic Career Series. CV Creation: CV Mistakes

Hey guys 😊 Welcome to chapter 4 of CV Creation: CV Mistakes!

Now that you’ve created your CV, today’s chapter is all about giving it that final check for any mistakes that could hinder your application.

So before you start sending your CV out, grab a pen and a coffee, and let’s check your CV for these mistakes ☕️

👉Spelling errors You’re not a fan of grammar, are you? Well, why don’t you install the Grammarly extension? It’s free and this will pick up on any mistakes in your CV!

👉Generic CV Have you remembered to tailor your CV to the job? Highlight the key skills in the job ad and incorporate them into your CV.

👉Scruffiness You want your formatting to be consistent. List each job like this:

Sales Assistant, Homeware Land, London, Apr 2019 – May 2020

👉Long-winded Your CV should be no longer than 2 pages! Use size 11 font and make sure you use 3-6 short bullet points per job instead of long paragraphs.

👉Listing references Don’t write out your reference details. Just write ‘References can be provided upon request.’

👉Too personal The only personal details you need to include are Name / Address / Email / Tel. There’s no need to include your gender, ethnicity, DOB or marital status.

👉No hobbies Hobbies are a really important part of your CV and something that employers value. Include 3 hobbies and a short line to elaborate.

👉Wasted summary Avoid clichés in your summary – this is your chance to make yourself stand out in a few sentences. Mention your relevant experience and achievements!

Once you’ve checked your CV, I’ll see you over in Chapter 5 which is all about cover letters!

With love,

Julie 💜


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Arumarathon Arumarathon1 year ago

I need a job please

Julie Julie1 year ago

Hi everyone, you can search for jobs in the job search section of the app. I know the market is particularly competitive in this moment but don’t get discouraged! Keep searching and applying to more jobs every day! 💪🏻 There are several new job opportunities in health and social care as well as logistics, IT, education, and more... Most of the roles don’t require any experience, so don’t limit your research to job roles you have experience with! You are not alone and I’m here to help with that, so please let me know if I can help you any further 😊

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I would like someone to go over my cv