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Stand out when applying for jobs during a shaky economy

Here’s what you can do to find a job quicker during a recession

Stand out when applying for jobs during a shaky economy

The UK’s economy faces tough times. So you may want to rethink your job hunting strategy. When recessions hit, there tends to be fewer jobs around. That’s because companies hire less. So there’s more competition for you. If you find yourself struggling to find a job, it’s time to start doing things differently.

Here are 8 things to start doing when the economy takes a nosedive.

  • Update your CV
  • Wow with a portfolio
  • Show your face
  • Put in a phone call
  • Attach a cover letter
  • Wear an outfit that pops
  • Use recession-friendly words
  • Follow up

8 ways to stand out when job hunting in a recession

Update your CV

Recessions call for a little CV makeover. That’s because companies start thinking differently about who they’re hiring. So be sure to update your CV with recession-proof skills.

Wow with a portfolio

Portfolios are a great way to impress hiring managers. It’s a great way to show off your skills. But not every job is suited to a portfolio. Creative jobs like photography, writing and marketing are portfolio-friendly. You can also create a portfolio for other jobs like project management and architecture. Don’t wait for them to ask you to bring a portfolio. Just bring one anyway!

Show your face

What’s one way to stand out in a pile of CVs? Show your face! Where possible, turn up at the company to introduce yourself and hand in your CV. This puts a face to your CV. You’ll have an easier time standing out and the hiring manager will be more likely to offer you an interview.

Put in a phone call

If you can’t show up in person, try a phone call! It’s another great way to get noticed. If you’ve not heard back after an application, call the hiring manager. See if they’ll pull up your application while you’re on the phone. This will show you’re keen and will be sure to speed things along!

Attach a cover letter

Cover letters are an absolute must when applying for jobs in a recession. It’s the perfect way to expand on your CV and really sell yourself. Be sure to check out our cover letter writing tips!

Wear an outfit that pops

When hiring managers interview a lot of candidates, they can start to blur into one. So be sure to pick the right interview outfit and wear something special to your interview. A colourful tie or brooch can help the interviewer remember you.

Use recession-friendly words

Companies think differently during recessions. It’s all about saving costs and staying alive. They’re not so focused on thriving (that’s more of a bonus). So you need to start talking their language. Here are a few words and ideas to talk about in your CV/interview:

  • Cost-saving
  • Budget management
  • Resourceful
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Adaptable
  • Resilient
  • Contingency plans

Follow up

Ever heard the phrase ‘the fortune is in the follow up’? Well, it really is! Sometimes you’ve gotta follow up with the hiring manager. If you haven’t heard back after an interview, don’t just sit there and wait. Get on the phone and make it happen! 

Think outside the box

When times are tough, it’s time to act differently. Job hunting can get a little tougher when the economy is down. So start planning ahead. Get your CV in shape and make sure you go the extra mile for every job application. Sometimes it’s the little things you do that employers love. So never underestimate the power of putting in a phone call or following up.

How do you stand out when job hunting? Share your tips below!



9 months ago


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