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📚The secret to balancing your studies and job (hint: it’s not quitting)

📚The secret to balancing your studies and job (hint: it’s not quitting)

Hey, it’s Julie 👋 Do you students ever feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends? It’s tough managing your studies whilst working a job, right? But there are a few steps you can take to help things run a little smoother…

👉Get clear on your deadlines

The very first thing you need to do is create a list of all your upcoming deadlines and exam dates. You don’t want important dates to creep up on you out of nowhere – that’s a sure way to throw you off your A game.

👉Create a timetable 

One of the most effective ways for managing your workload is by breaking it down into sections and creating a timetable for completing it all. This way, everything is much more achievable.

👉Reduce your hours during exam period

Exam period isn’t the best time to be putting in overtime at work. Take some of the stress away by reducing your hours so you can focus. But don’t forget to give your boss advance notice so they have plenty of time to find a replacement.

👉Help your colleagues

When your colleagues can’t make it to work, help them out by swapping shifts. The next time you need to study instead of work, they’ll likely return the favour.

👉Use your commute

How many hours do you lose during your commute? Let me rephrase that: how many hours of study could you gain from your commute? Whether it’s reading a chapter of a book, or listening to lecture recordings, your daily commute can soon stack up to hours of study! 

Good luck in your exams!

Julie 💜
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Jess.MJ Jess.MJ5 months ago

Hi I'm 16 and I'm looking for a part time job to gain work experience and challenge myself whilst getting into college; any part-time job around Manchester would be appreciated

Genesis Genesis5 months ago

I am a midwifery student looking for a part time job.

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Noor Noor6 months ago

Hi. I am student of Fashion Designing at University for the creative arts. I need a part-time job for weekend. Can anyone help me please?

minakadhim minakadhim6 months ago

I'm a 17 year old full time student at sixth form. Looking for a part-time job around my area to gain some experience. I am willing to apply to any area of work