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Top creative skills for your CV

Add creative skills to your CV to stand out from the crowd.

Top creative skills for your CV

In today’s world, businesses have to innovate. If they don’t, they’ll fall behind the competition. That’s why employers value creative skills. Even if you’re not applying for a creative job, creative skills are always valuable.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, ‘But I don’t have any creative skills…’. 

Well, we think you do! 

Check out our list of creative CV skills that you didn’t even know you had!

How to include creative skills in your CV

It’s not enough to just write a list of hard and soft skills in your CV. Anyone can do that. And it won’t impress the recruiter.

This is how you should include key skills in your CV:

  • Create a section for your ‘Key Skills’
  • Put this section close to the top of your CV
  • Use bullet points to list 3-5 key skills that are relevant to the job
  • With each skill, include an example of how you demonstrated this skills at work

18 creative skills to add to your CV with examples

Adobe photoshop

“Using Adobe Photoshop to edit photos for marketing campaigns.”


“Designing social media posts and templates using canva for the company’s three social media profiles.”

Final cut pro

“Editing video footage using Final cut pro to create engaging marketing materials to showcase new products.”

Web design

“Designing and building websites using coding and website platforms like Shopify.”

Email marketing campaigns

“Writing engaging and creative sales funnel emails to drive subscribers to purchase.”

Social media management

“Responsible for growing and managing the company’s social media account including post creation, stories and reels.”

Idea generation

“Generating new ideas to make our workflow run more efficiently.”

Product development

“Shortlisting and testing new materials for upcoming products. It was my role to present shortlisted materials to the head of product design.”

Critical thinking

“Identified ways to digitise our admin process, reducing processing time by 15%.”


“Taking professional photos with models for various fashion items including shoes, womenswear and sunglasses.”

Copywriting / content writing

“Written blogs and website copy for previous employers and for the university paper.”


“Produced short adverts promoting company offers, editing stock videos on Final Cut Pro.”

Graphic design

“Created graphics to visually display employment statistics in a reader-friendly way for the employment newsletter.”

Logo design

“Designed logos for several eco-conscious brands ranging from skincare to clothing to candles.”


“Freelance branding design for multiple businesses including colour schemes, typography and logo design.”

Copy editing

“Editing email sequences and newsletter copy for my previous company to ensure all copy was concise, grammatically correct, well structured and engaging.”


“After carrying out keyword research, writing related blogs and strategically placing the keywords within. Also ensuring blogs were written in an SEO-friendly format”


“Managing the company blog including scheduling, tags, categories and SEO-friendly formatting.”

Get creative

Creativity comes in different shapes and sizes. And it’s a quality that’s valued by all employers…even if you’re not working in a creative role. Being creative can always add value to a business. So be sure to include a few creative skills in your CV!

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