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Top interview tips – Nailing an interview

Knowing how to nail an interview is difficult, but follow these tips to be sure you’ve secured the position.

Top interview tips – Nailing an interview

How can you stand out in an interview? You’ve done so well to get this far and now all that stands between you and your dream job is a round of questions! There’s no doubt that interviews are tough and research shows there are usually 6 people interviewing for any one position in the UK. So what can you do to make sure you’re the one who receives the job offer at the end of the process?

Take a good read of our carefully written interview advice to help secure your next role:

  • Gather information
  • Know your interviewers
  • Research the company
  • Practise the most common interview questions
  • Study the job description
  • Use open body language
  • Answer interview questions with the STAR method
  • Show enthusiasm

How do you nail an interview in 2021?

1. Gather information

Don’t go into your interview blind. See what you can find out about the interview before the day comes. Review any interview confirmation emails from the company for any clues, and be sure to ask the hiring manager what you should expect from the interview. They might be able to tell you the layout of the interview, whether there are any written or practical assessments, and how many interviewers will be there. 

Bonus Tip

You might be able to find some more hints by doing a quick Google search on the company’s interview process.

2. Know your interviewers

Do a little digging around your interviewers to make sure you have a good understanding of who they are. Use the company website and LinkedIn to learn about their roles within the company and their backgrounds. If you can incorporate this information into your interview, you’ll certainly impress the interviewers with your efforts!

3. Research the company

One of the most basic (but often overlooked) steps in the interview process is researching the company. You should know when the company was founded, who the CEO is, the company values, the products and services, and some of their notable achievements. 

4. Practise the most common interview questions

In the run-up to your interview, make a list of the most common interview questions and prepare example-based answers. Using real life examples makes your answers 10 times more powerful!

5. Study the job description

The job description is your biggest clue for the interview. Make sure you study it with a fine tooth comb and highlight all the key skills they’re looking for. Chances are the interview questions will be centred around the job description, so prepare examples that show you have the required skills/qualities.

6. Use open body language

Did you know that somewhere between 70-93% of all messages are conveyed nonverbally? That means the focus is not so much on what you say, but how you say it through the use of facial expressions, body language, eye contact and intonation. So make sure you stop fidgeting, and keep a smile on your face (even if you’re a nervous wreck on the inside!).

7. Answer interview questions with the STAR method

Knowing how to structure your interview answers is one of the most important parts of the interview. If you don’t pay attention to this, you run the risk of going off on a tangent and not even answering the question at hand. Instead, structure every answer using the STAR method to keep your answers crisp and clean!

How to use the STAR interview method:

  • Scene: Set the scene by specifying your role at the time and when the event took place
  • Task: Explain the task and end goal
  • Action: Describe the steps you took and any problems you had to overcome
  • Result: Close your answer by summarising the end result you achieved

8. Show enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is key. You can answer all the questions perfectly, but unless you’re showing enthusiasm for the role, you won’t leave a lasting impression. In fact, there are countless stories of employers hiring someone less experienced because they showed more enthusiasm for the role than someone with more experience but less enthusiasm. So remember to show your passion for the role, company, and their mission!

The key to interview success

Hopefully by now you’ll feel much more confident about conquering your next interview. Just remember all interview success begins long before you enter the interview room. So prepare yourself, practise, and bring high levels of confidence and energy to land your next role!

Looking for more interview tips? Find out exactly what you should bring to an interview to make sure you don’t miss a trick.

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