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Top reasons for leaving a job

How do you answer an interviewer when they ask you why you’re leaving your current role? Check out our top reasons and examples to give in an interview!

Top reasons for leaving a job

There comes a time in every interview when the hiring manager will ask, ‘Why are you leaving your current job?’. This can be a tricky question to answer and, if not answered correctly, you could end up raising concerns with the hiring manager.

Check out our top reasons for leaving a job and examples of the best ways to answer this question in an interview.

  • No career progression
  • Lack of job satisfaction
  • Wanting more flexibility
  • Location
  • Company instability

How to explain why you’re leaving your job in an interview

When asked in an interview why you’re leaving your current job, it’s important to keep your reasons professional, avoiding going into detail about any office politics. Never speak negatively of your employer, and always mention some positive aspects of your previous role in your answer.

5 best reasons for leaving a job (with examples)

1. No career progression

Career progression is something most employees seek, but not every employer can provide. This is a good reason to give in an interview because it shows you’re keen to progress your career, and are looking for a long-term opportunity.


“Although I enjoyed the content of the work, there was nowhere for me to progress into and develop. I’m a driven person and want to find an opportunity that allows me to grow in the long-term.”

2. Lack of job satisfaction

In order to excel in any role, you really need to have job satisfaction. Without this, your job will soon feel like a chore and it won’t be long before you seek out a new opportunity.


“Although I found my company very supportive, I realised I was lacking satisfaction. I really want to find an opportunity where I can get my teeth stuck into it and feel I’m making a big impact on the company.”

3. Wanting more flexibility

There’s no shame in wanting more flexibility in your work, particularly in today’s day and age where employers are now offering more flexible working options as a result of the pandemic.


“I really enjoyed my previous role, however due to business demands, they were understandably unable to offer more flexible working arrangements. As a result, I’m now seeking a role that will allow a little more flexibility.”

4. Location

Trading in a job for one in a more convenient location is completely reasonable. A long commute can really affect your work-life balance, so it’s only natural to want to work somewhere closer to home.


“There was a lot I really enjoyed about my role, including the people and the company mission. But unfortunately, the commute is just too long so I need to find an opportunity a little closer to home.”

5. Company instability

Company instability comes in different shapes and sizes. It could be redundancies, staff leaving, underachieving revenue, or even restructuring. These are all valid reasons for wanting to find a more stable opportunity.


“Although I’ve enjoyed many years at this company and gained a lot of skills, the company is unfortunately going through some difficulties whereby the future looks very uncertain. Therefore, I’ve made the difficult decision to look for a career opportunity with a new company.”

Be prepared

The best way to prepare for this question is to practise your answer beforehand! For your best shot at nailing your interview, don’t forget to also prepare answers to the most common interview questions and be sure to prepare questions to ask the hiring manager at the end of the interview!



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