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Unemployed? 9 ways to become more employable NOW

How can you make yourself more employable? Check out our tips to find a job fast!

Unemployed? 9 ways to become more employable NOW

Being unemployed is a tough ride. The competition can be fierce. So to find yourself a job, you need to do everything you can to make yourself more employable. It’s not just a question of your past experience. There’s lots you can do to boost your employability.

Check out these tips for finding a job when you’re unemployed.

9 ways to get hired faster

1. Sign up for a free course

The internet is FULL of free courses. Work out what skills are needed for the job you want. And then find a free course to upskill yourself. This will look great on your CV and employers will be impressed by your motivation.

For example, if you want to get into marketing, why not take a course on SEO or paid ads? Or if you want to become a bartender, try a free course on cocktail making!

2. Update your CV

Making sure your CV is in top shape is key to your employability. So be sure to update your CV with all your latest skills and experiences. And don’t forget to check out our CV writing tips to make your CV stand out – it’s worth the effort!

3. Upload your CV to job sites

Don’t hide. Make yourself visible. Publish your CV on job boards. This way, recruiters can contact you if they like the look of your CV. This opens up more opportunities for you.

4. Network 

Be sure to grow and call on your network. You’d be surprised by how many people get hired through a referral. Think about creating a LinkedIn profile – this is a great platform for career-driven professionals. You could also attend events and webinars to meet people in the industry.

5. Tidy up your social media

Always tidy up your social media when you’re job hunting. Make sure you remove any inappropriate pictures or comments. Around 70% of employers WILL check your social media profiles out during the hiring process. So don’t let your social media hold you back.

6. Volunteer 

It’s a good idea to volunteer while you’re unemployed. It will help to grow your network and skillset. But it also shows employers you’re a proactive and motivated person.

7. Be flexible

Always be flexible when job hunting. This means being flexible about your salary, your shifts and your duties. Sometimes you have to compromise a little just to get your foot in the door! And be sure to mention your flexibility in your personal statement.

8. Attach a cover letter

Cover letters are designed to help you stand out. It gives the hiring manager more information about you. The idea is to persuade the hiring manager that you deserve an interview. Attach a cover letter to help give you an edge over others.

9. Use Smart Apply

Getting a new job isn’t just about what you apply for. It’s also about how you apply. The Smart Apply feature on the SonicJobs app automatically applies for relevant jobs on your behalf. So whilst you’re sleeping, we’re busy putting in applications for you…saving you time and energy!

Moral of the story? Don’t spend hours filling out long application forms when you don’t need to. Revolutionise the way you apply for jobs with SonicJobs.

Level up

If you’ve reached a plateau in your career move, it’s time to go up a gear. There are always small ways to make BIG improvements. You just need to get a little creative. 

Short on time? Apply for jobs from your phone with SonicJobs – it’s that simple!



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